All About Esports Betting Odds

Esport betting odds helps players to make decent profits from esports games. Betting sites use odd to calculate your winnings when you place esports bets. Esports betting sites provide players with a wide selection of esports betting markets and betting options. These markets come attached to their odds. The odds given to a team depends on the strength of that team. If a team is more superior to its opponent, it will have lower odds. There are also many betting options with higher odds that you can try. The different betting site provides players with varying betting ratios of esports markets

Esports Betting Odds: How It Works

There are different types of esports betting odds, such as decimal odds, fractional odds, American odd, etc.

Decimal Odds

The use of Decimal odds is the easiest way of calculating your winnings. The decimal odds come in three digits, for example, 1.23, 7.56, 2.30, 1.04, etc. The higher the odds that a team has, the lower the chances of that team winning the game. Therefore before placing an esports bet you need to know what every decimal odd means. For example, place a bet on a particular team with odds of 7.00 to win a league. If you win, the site gives you $70 back including your original stake. The site multiplies the odds attached to the team you have selected by the stake you have entered. By doing this, the website determines the possible winning that you will get from the game you have a bet. The more significant the decimal amount, the more a site pays you. Most players use this strategy to maximize their profits, but it is a dangerous strategy.

esports betting odds

Fractional Odds

Apart from the decimal odds, there is also another type of betting ratio called fractional odds. This type of odds is not very popular; hence few people use it. Most UK players use fractional odds to know how likely certain events will turn out to be. The difference between fractional and decimal odds is that in fractional odds it doesn’t include your original wagering amount.  Place a bet on a team to get the most points at fractional odds of 3/8. That means for every $8 you wager on that team; the site gives you $3 as your winning. The website will not include your original stake on your winnings.

American Odds

If you want to compare odds from different bookmakers, then you need to understand all types of odds display. Another kind of odds display apart from decimal odds, and fractional odds are the American odds. Since esports betting is growing globally, bookmakers have started to include American odds. In this type of display, you will have a direct correlation of how much you might bet. All American odds have either a positive or a negative symbol in front of it. Place a wager on a team with a negative sign in front of the American odds. The amount following the odds refers to the money you would have to bet to make 100 euros profit. Place a wager on a team with a positive sign in front of the American odds. The amount following the odds refers to the profit you would get if you stake 100 euros to your bet. It is a somewhat unusual way to work out the possibility of you winning in esports betting.

Live Esports Betting

One of the features most esports betting sites use to attract most players is the use of live betting. Most people have suggested that live betting has more money than regular esports betting. The live betting games have higher betting ratios than the regular games hence high possible winnings. The advantage of these games is that you can be flexible in your betting. You can keep changing your bet as the game unfolds. Most betting sites provide players with the live streaming feature to help them see all the action as it unfolds. Live betting is one of the easiest ways to make money in online esports betting. What you should know is sites base the display of points spreads on the prediction of the final score.

Esports Money Line

In the esports event, there are two types of wagers. The first type of wager is the money line, and the other one is the point spread.  The site offers you a money line bet if the decision of the game is by a minimal point margin. In money line bets, there is no point spread. You only predict an outright winner. In all money line bets, you will find a plus and a minus symbol at the betting ratios section. All the favorites to win a game have a minus sign in front of its odds. The underdog has a positive sign in front of its odds.

For Example

In an Asian champions cup, ‘The beast’ plays with ‘Star Wars’, and you want to place a money line bet. The display of the game is as follows: 160 ‘The beast’ and -300 ‘Star wars.’ Assume, you place a bet in increments of $200. The 160 for ‘The beast’ means for every $200 you bet, you would get $160 plus the $200 you staked. You will get a total of $360 if ‘The beast’ wins. The -300 for ‘Star wars’ means for every $300 you bet, you would get $200 in return on top of your bet. Therefore you will get a total of $500 in ‘Star Wars’ wins.

For the teams which are favorites to win, you will have to stake more money to get smaller returns. The underdogs will net you higher returns for a smaller amount of money you stake.

Esports Point Spread

A point spread is a point handicap an esports betting sites give to users. For example, if a point spread is -1.5, the favorites to win a match must win by two points. If they do not and win by one point, then you would have lost the bet due to the half-point. Most of the esports betting sites do not post the whole number spreads.

Esports Betting Sites Offering Good Odds

If you compare Bookmakers odds, you will find that they always vary. There are some esports betting sites providing favorable odds to players than others. The following are some of the best betting sites when it comes to odd.


It is one of the best betting sites for esports betting due to the wide selection of esports betting markets. It has made its users diverse by providing them with a wide range of betting options. The display of ratios on the site is in decimal form. It provides users with reasonably trustworthy odds that will maximize your winnings.


Have you been looking for an excellent esports betting site? If you have, do not look far since PNXBET is there for you. It has been leading in online esports betting for a while now due to the excellent services it provides. Moreover, it provides users with higher betting ratios than most betting sites thus boosting their potential winnings.

Now that you know everything about odds, you should do research and ensure you choose a site with good odds. You can give a try to the above websites and taste the experience.

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