Best Esports Betting Sites In The UK

Gambling is a normal need for a player to get some fun. There is a gambling culture when you get dressed, visit a casino, and have some fun. Since we live in the 21st century, we can visit betting websites or casinos online. It is much easier since it takes less effort. Using bookies to place bets is still extremely fun. You feel the adrenaline in blood when making a bet. And the best feeling is when you win, especially massive rewards.

Esports betting in the UK gives you the same feeling as visiting a casino in Las Vegas or making a bet on horse racing and watching that race. Esports became a part of sports a while ago, and now everyone is excited about this fact. Gamers are enjoying fame – they have never been so famous before. And gamblers enjoy winning when placing on the winners in games.

Esports in the UK, as well as everywhere in the world, is treated seriously. Most people understand how much strategic thinking and effort is behind each match when players win. This is why games are now referred to as sports. There are lots of games that require strategic thinking from players. It is fun to play these games, and they are competitive enough to become sports.

Esports grant great rewards for the participants so they will be interested in playing. Sometimes, the rewards are so great that they offer even more than traditional sports. Of course, they won’t be compared to playing basketball or football, but they are still incredibly huge rewards. And if there is a competition, there are betting opportunities.

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It is prestigious to play a game in a strong team. You get great prizes and recognition, sometimes even fame. And bettors get outstanding prizes when they bet. It is fun, you bet, and you get awarded for betting. Gambling is fun and enjoyable, especially with the system of odds. It is easier for gamblers in the UK and anywhere else in the world to win nice prizes while betting. You just look at the statistical data, at the odds, make a bet, and win a small portion of rewards. A great additional source of profit!

Esports Betting Sites in the UK is simple. As long as you are using fair bookies, you get the best rewards. Here are some characteristics of good bookies offering awesome opportunities:

  • The bookie is licensed – anyone can check that.
  • Site has a clear-cut design; it is easy to use it.
  • The bookie offers a good variety of games to wager, as well as lots of betting lines.
  • It allows playing only if you are of legal age – 18 years.
  • It offers nice bonuses and perks for every gambler.

If the bookie meets these requirements, then you have found a good opportunity to win massive rewards. Most gamblers use bookies with standard betting – on football, tennis, politics, economy, events, racing, etc. But those that have esports in range. For example, you might be enjoying some traditional sports sites with esports betting UK lines. Surprisingly, some websites have very good options. Like Pinnacle – a standard bookmaker offering UK esports lines.

UK Esports: How To Bet

Gambling is easy if you have a great website in mind. Those websites are easy to use, and they offer good conditions to every player. So here is what you can do to start gambling:

  • Choose a quality bookie; check the list below.
  • Create an account, use a promo code if you have. Some bookies offer amazing welcoming bonuses.
  • Attach your favorite payment method.
  • Make your first purchase; use a promo code for the first deposit.
  • Choose the UK esports team or any other team and make a bet. You might want to consider the odds and check out the statistics of the team.

Esports betting sites in the UK is legal, and using them can be a great way to gain an additional source of income. It is fun, and you earn money. Below you might read about different betting ideas.

Esports In The UK: Peculiarities Of Betting

Some players decide to take the risk and bet on the so-called underdogs of the team. Those are the teams that have lower winning odds. And when they win, the bettor gets a huge financial reward. But even if you bet on the potential winner, you still get profit, and it is like earning money for investments – you get a percentage. Even if it is small, it is still amazing.

If you decide to bet on a potential winner, it is most likely that you will win. You can calculate your winnings. If the odds are displayed in a UK site as decimal, then if you bet 100 pounds at odds 1.8, you get 100 pounds x 1.8. So the profit is not big, but if you gamble a lot, it is fun, and the rewards are getting bigger.

Esports Bookies In The UK: List

Esports in the UK are popular, so bookies are offering the option to gamble. Check out the list of the UK betting websites to make sure you are using the best bookies available on the market.


Some bookies are mixed or focused only on sports. Rivalry is focused on gambling on games. It is not only popular in the UK; it is popular everywhere as a great source of information about the gaming world and bets. It has a blog (the Academy) with thousands of great tips that can be used by professionals too. The website has one of the best collections of esports not only in the UK but overall. Rivalry is extremely easy to use. The navigation system is up to date, and players easily find the lines where they want to bet.

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Among all the UK betting websites, Betway might be the most favorable. It offers a great bonus system for all the gamblers. Unlike any other site, Betway is an old and experienced bookie, so they have developed a great reward system for loyal gamblers. So it is extremely fun to bet on Betway. It is easy to use the website, and it has all the entertainment you need. It even has live dealer games at their casino! The website is known for its great payouts, ability to cash out relatively soon, and fast. And it has a nice esports collection for citizens of the UK.

Betway.Com main page


Some bookies offer free bets, while GettingBet offers something different and yet exciting. If your first 1o pound bet won’t be successful, you can get another 10 pounds to place on a similar line. You gain a chance to bet without risk. The bookie also offers a great variety of betting esports lines. It has the most popular games, so you might enjoy betting on Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, etc. The site has a simple design, which makes it easier to use it. It is popular in the UK.

GentingBet main page


This is one of the safest bookies in the UK and overall. The payouts are simple, though gamblers must upload their documents when they verify the account. This is a measure to make sure you have only one account. But this is compensated by the fact that it is easy to win on Redzone. Moreover, as a welcome bonus, you get 10 pounds, and the rollover requirements are pretty decent and fair so that you might cash out soon. The collection of esports is good and offers nice opportunities.

Redzone main page


With Bet365 you will have during all 365 days in the year, and sometimes even 366. The site is popular in the UK as well as anywhere else in the world where gambling is loved. The site offers every opportunity when you can entertain yourself. It has decent odds, and the information is being updated regularly. There is an esports category, check it out, and you will be able to find your favorite team.

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Some bookies offer only traditional sports gambling, while Bethard is focused on both. Bethard has started as a traditional bookmaker with options to gamble on politics, different special events like Eurovision, economic events, etc. But today, Bethard has an extremely great collection of games to wager. They have the same number of games as Pinnacle, but the coverage of matches and leagues is way better. If you want to bet in the UK on esports, Bethard might be a great idea to consider.

Bethard main page

Unlike the previous example, is mostly focused on esports wagering. When you open the site, you see the great design. You immediately understand that it is easy to use The second thing you notice is the bonus system. You will get tons of bonuses on And the most amazing thing is their collection of esports. They have lots of games and tons of matches to bet on. main page

Best Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Call of Duty
⇣ More games
Bet Now
Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone
⇣ More games
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