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This article serves as a review for the best CSGO betting sites that were selected at our experts’ discretion. The rating does not claim to be the only right one, and the “best” title has been given no sites based on subjective opinion.

Counter-Strike is an online game developed by two talented friends. Since the time when company Valve has bought the ownership of the game, Counter-Strike has become a classic of games-shooters. The initial version gave ground for updates and sequels, and some of them have proven to be more exciting than the original game. One of such top CS version is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has become gamers’ favorite game for virtual sports betting, so betting sites on CSGO conduct international tournaments with real prizes. Fans bet on the winner and outcomes. It often is more breathtaking than CSGO betting on real sports games.

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Why CSGO Is a Gamer’s Favorite Version Of CS?

Though the developers have created new versions of classic Counter-Strike, most of the players remained loyal to the prime game. Thus, Valve company has presented a great sequel of the first Counter-Strike, CSGO. The remake has gathered the most noticeable features of the classic game, yet have improved the interface, graphics, weapon, etc.

Variety And Simplicity

Counter-Strike has attracted millions of fans due to the simplicity of the plot. All acting characters are divided into two teams – terrorists and detachment of special forces. Terrorists either hold hostages or hide a bomb, and special forces fighters are to stop criminals. The teams fight to the death – the more enemies you kill, the closer you are to the victory. SCGO offers nine different game modes, which are realistic and exciting. The game is a leader among other CS versions in the number of modes. Casual and Deathmatch are good for the practice, but the serious fight is more achievable in Competitive mode. Gun Game is a real heaven for fighters who are in love with weapons. All you need to do it to upgrade your guns, and your only aim is to kill. A variety of modes enriches the game and attracts fans and bettor on CSGO tournaments.

CS Improvement In GO Version

The very first difference that gamers see right away is the new graphics. The first game looked primitive as of now, and the GO reload had fixed this disadvantage. Objects and characters look more realistic, and battle scenes are terrifying, indeed. Due to that, the maps also changed. The old maps like “de_infrno,” “de_nuke”, and others remained in a modified form, and the adherents of the first version consider it more like a disadvantage because it takes time to get used to the update.

The rewards have been reviewed and changed. Hurting an enemy now is counting separately in a table that shows how much you’ve contributed to the enemy’s death. Every won battle gives the game experience. The armory has been significantly improved. First of all, gamers have received more weapons options. In addition, the guns in CSGO are easily controllable.

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CSGO Betting

Betting Types

Esports’ popularity grew rapidly last year, so the fans can choose among many sites and companies that accept bets. The bettors can play for money or in-game items. There are various types of wager, and most of the sites work with the following:

  • prediction of the whole game outcome or an outcome of separate rounds;
  • betting on the winner-team of CSGO;
  • prediction who will lose first;
  • game result of a particular player.

There are no limits on betting, and the types depend only on bookmakers and what bets it accepts.

CSGO Esports Live Betting

A big esports game advantage is that you’ll know the outcome quickly. To give more adrenalin to the betting on CSGO, the fans make live bets. This betting type allows you to make your predictions during the game. Experienced watchers can quickly foresee the game’s outcome. Observing the fighting style and strategic choices of each team and players, you can bet with your logic and analytical thinking, not hoping for blind luck or intuition.

CSGO Esports Live Betting

Opportunities for live betting:

  • you can spot the preparation and experience level of a team or a player;
  • you can see the strongest player by observing every participant’s tactics;
  • the bettors can make adjustments during the tournament;
  • successful gamers become favorites right away.

Esports sites broadcast the game or even allows the bettors to use the presence effect feature. To do it, the bettor has to download CSGO and connect to a server, which will be provided by the CSGO betting site. In this way, you’ll appear “in the game,” and it will allow you to evaluate tactics, style, and players’ equipment on the spot. This way, to watch the game lets the bettors make a smart betting in a live mode.

What Helps To Find The Best Betting Sites On CSGO

Experienced bettors know that a good intuition and luck are not the only factor that allows you to make money on CSGO wager. If you have chosen not a trustworthy site, your victory will be good for nothing.

To use a legit site, first of all, make sure it contains all CSGO tournaments that are held by the FACEIT organization. The other important thing, which signifies the quality of the site is a wide variety of betting types. The more options they offer, the lower is the chance that the site may be not legit. Another thing that helps you get more money is to compare wager odds. Not all the websites give the bettors equal winning chances. Compare CSGO betting odds on the popular betting sites and avoid the highest prices.

Those are not the only things and not the guarantee that the site is trustworthy. You should pay attention to the quality of broadcasting, bonuses, how many money transfer options do the site has, and if there is good customer support. These factors define how much you’ll enjoy betting and how effectively you can make money.

CSGO Betting Strategies

CSGO betting is a great way to have fun and become an expert in the world of esports. Besides, if you are an expert, the game will be a source of good income. To become a real pro in the world of wagers, you’ll have to make an effort and learn. Let’s consider what strategies you can use to raise your cash winnings.

Learn About Teams

This is a standard strategy for every sport, including CSGO betting. We bet on favorite athletes in sport because we know their tactics and win statistics. In the same way, if you make a bet having no idea how does a particular CS team plays, you risk losing. However, it’s not enough to be a fan of one team, even if you have watched all its games and know everything about the tactics. The more you know about various teams, the better it is. Before risking your money, learn as much as you can about both teams that have a CSGO battle.

Strategic Analysis Of The Maps

The CSGO esports game is notable with a wide variety of maps, and a particular map can give advantages or disadvantages to a team. This strategy does not work if you see the game of the teams for the first time. You need to be an experienced observer, who knows which team and players are strong on a specific map. In this way, you can manage your odds depending on whether the “favorable” map is forbidden or if the fight is on the team’s’ favorite map.

Track Achievements Of Players

The esports allows fans to bet not only on teams but on players, too. Knowing personal achievements is good not only for this type of making odds but also to predict the outcome if, for some reason, a successful player doesn’t participate in a tournament. Try not to concentrate on general public attention to one player and analyze the game independently. In this way, you may be able to find a promising player and make more money in CSGO esports bets.

Learn About Less Popular Types Of Betting

Popular bets are predictable, and if you don’t follow trendy odds, you risk losing because the public knows who is a strong player. However, less popular CSGO betting, e.g., handicap odds, is more interesting because it may have an unpredictable outcome. If you become proficient in this kind of bet, you can make high odds, which brings more money in case of winning.

Become A Player

Excellent bettors are not just watchers; they are experts and fans of the game because they played it. The more “first-person experience” you get, the more you understand the strategy, bad moves, and promising tactics. It’s all good for you to become a competitive bettor.

CSGO Betting Bonuses

Good CSGO betting sites offer a wide range of bonuses and offer it frequently because the game is super popular and has many adherents. The bonuses usually are meant to help you make a higher odd. The sites don’t offer bonuses that can be transferred to real money and withdrawn right away, so cheating doesn’t work.

The most widespread perk is for newcomers. If you have never been registered on a site, it offers you to double your first deposit for making a bet. The more money you invest, the more you can win. Many betting sites on CSGO have a promo code to use if you want to activate your bonus.

Another popular freebie is to make a free bet. As a rule, this honor is given to regular customers. Different sites have different conditions, yet usually, such a bonus goes as a compliment to a real bet with money.

One more type of widespread CSGO betting bonus is full reimbursement of the lost bet. This perks rarely goes to a bettor more than a once. Newbies in CSGO esports have a better chance to get such a nice bonus.

CSGO Live Betting

CSGO Esports Wager Sites to Consider


UNIKRN is a great CSGO betting website. It specializes in esports; thus, you’ll find many betting offers. A wide variety of games, convenient deposit options, user-friendly interface makes the bettors enjoy using the site and to bet on a favorite league. The website offers many various bonuses, which can turn to be a very profitable thing if you have experience in CSGO esports betting. In addition, the website has a wonderful wager innovation, which allows players to make a bat on themselves.


LOOT.BET has introduced itself to the gamers and bettors community with a great perk, which allowed the newcomers to get a significant bonus regardless of the deposit sum. It is a great CSGO betting website, which has been created specifically for accepting bets on esports. LOOT.BET does not limit the bettors with few wager options. There are more than ten markets for making odds. The site has a license, so the users can enjoy betting without worrying about being scammed. If you like to bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, register, and get super CSGO esports bonuses.


GG.BET offers CSGO betting odds very profitably. The site lets the customers enjoy the free broadcasting of CSGO tournaments, which allows bettors to make live bets. The site has legal permission to provide wager services. A convenient customer support chat can answer any question and help you make a deposit in the easiest way. Besides bets, the site also has a great news portal with fresh information on esports and regular sports games.

To select the best CSGO betting site, check the reviews and don’t use the sites which have very few adherents. You will find your favorite site after your personal experience on several of them. Eventually, you’ll be able to choose a favorite platform and remain loyal to it.

Best Esports Betting Websites

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