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This article aims to inform readers about the basics of LOL betting and the principles of choosing LOL betting sites. The mentioned here websites are chosen and named as “the best” subjectively, based on our experts’ opinion. We don’t claim the provided information to be the only right one and objective.

League of Legends (LOL) is a free-to-play virtual game that has gathered avid adherents among millions of gamers all over the world. The game is divided into rounds like ordinary sports and other video games, which makes it easy to make adds. The outcome of the game usually is unpredictable; the teams can build skills by becoming more experienced. These factors have made League of Legends very popular among bettors, and nowadays, it is one of the favorite games on betting websites. As a rule, one game doesn’t last more than an hour, and such a quick outcome fuels the bettors’ excitement on the best League of Legends betting sites.

Why the League Of Legends Has So Many Fans?

Simple Rules

Playing LOL is available for newbies and interesting for experienced players who fight in leagues for a long time. The basic rules are simple. The game has two teams, and the task of each team is to destroy the main object (nexus) of the enemy forces. The game is free and doesn’t require high-performance computing power. LOL, lets you try shooting so you can understand how to use characters’ skills and to view the map. After that, you can start playing. All of it allows everybody to start playing the legendary game.

Always Interesting

However, it is not that simple as it may seem at first blush. Various skills, multiple objects, and variations of using them always keep something new for gamers. Players may need years to become real professionals. The game is constantly being updated; thus, it won’t ever be boring to discover new things about it.

Rich Universe

There are a lot of champions that fight for a particular part of the virtual universe. After all, the League of Legends universe is not fully studied, so it is like a real-world with a bunch of secrets and rules, and you’ll never be aware of all of them.

LOL Betting Is Always Exciting

League of Legends takes one of the leading positions in esports. The season of the battles gathers all the best gamers and bettors, and it’s always astonishing to watch the show, make odds, and learn something new. Amateurs fight for rating, and professional players make the bettors win, lose, and cheer for the best gamers.

League Of Legends Betting

Players are to summon one champion. Every champion has special skills and weaknesses, which are never repeated by other characters. There are six classes that unify the characters, which makes the game more favorable for bettors. It makes LOL betting odds more interesting because it’s not enough to learn a particular player’s fighting style to bet on him or her in every match. You also need to know the champion’s characteristics.

Types Of LOL Bets

Given that the game is rich and has many bright characters, the wagers can be different:

  • to choose the winning team;
  • to bet on the team thus giving additional point to the rivals (handicap bet);
  • to bet on the length of the game and overall play progress;
  • to bet on other game’s elements (e.g., which team will have the first killed character).

Predicting the winning side wager is called moneyline. It’s the simplest and the most popular type of LOL betting. As a rule, it has many adherents among newcomers or amateurs. Avid bettors usually find this type too simple and choose other ways to risk their own chances of winning.

Since fans of LOL esports usually know what group of players is stronger, handicap wagers allow the game to equalize the chances. The more bettors support a team; the lesser is the chance to win.

The last type of LOL betting, which called total, is perfect if you don’t want to support any particular team. You can bet on an event that is likely to happen during the game, e.g., what team will ruin rivals’ building the first. Though this LOL betting looks more sophisticated than moneyline, it basically gives the fifty-fifty winning chances. The tougher is when you predict how long the game will last.

Of course, the mentioned options are not limits to types of wages. There may be as many kinds as a LOL betting website decide to create.

Live Betting On League Of Legends

A classic wager is to make odds before the game. It has more to do with an experience or how teams have already shown their fighting style. However, live betting is more interesting. It gives a bettor very limited time to decide who to choose, which makes watching more excited. The more experience you have in LOL betting, the more advantageous live bets will be for you. It will allow your trained eye to quickly estimate favorable techniques and fighting style.

Advantages of betting in a live mode

  • you can quickly see how the players are prepared, experienced, and how powerful their champions are;
  • an attentive bettor can find what player is the most skillful;
  • live wager allows you to make adjustments in your odds;
  • talented players can get adherents without proving their proficiency in the previous games.

league of legends start

Advice To Make Successful LOL Esports Bets

If you are a newbie for a wager world, be cautious, don’t make wagers with a lot of money, and don’t be afraid to lose, because it is inevitable. The more experience you get, the more confident you feel. Then, you may accept very risky offers or raise a bet. However, there are good tips on how to boost your proficiency even if the LOL wagers are new for you.

Observe And Analyze

You need to become really sharp if you want to become a successful bettor quickly. Take into account which players are favorites of the public and pay attention to their style and manner to play. It will allow you to distinguish strong players quickly. Also, check how the gamers use their characters during LOL tournaments. Analyze their skills, and it will help you with a total wager or when you bet on a particular LOL player.

Check Teams

It’s hard from the very beginning to make bets on the LOL team because you don’t know what makes them special. Yet, you can communicate with other bettors and watch League of Legends tournaments with the participation of the team. It will give you more understanding and intuition, which is worth your bets.

Become An Expert In A Particular Betting Type

After you’ve found your favorite LOL betting site, you can choose one of the less popular types that the site offers. Since there is a smaller audience, other bettors won’t be able to distinguish the winner easily. And if you become an expert, you’ll be able to predict the outcome easily, make high LOL betting, and grab big winnings.

Play LOL And Fight On Amateur Tournaments

Nothing can give you more experience in LOL tournaments than your own games, using characters, and realizing how their skills work. Getting more practice and knowledge, you’ll soon realize that you feel confident with betting on your favorites. You will be able to predict the outcome of the game while watching live tournaments on the best LOL betting sites.

Find Profitable Bonuses And Promotions

This tip is good for the newcomers because it helps to make bigger LOL bets risking less money. It may seem not a big deal, but if you make more League of Legends betting on various sites, it’ll help you save a significant amount of money.

LOL Betting Bonuses

League of Legends gathers a large army of fans who make bets, and the big public likes bonuses and freebies. That’s why competitive LOL betting sites offer bettors to save some money or make bigger odds. The bonuses are always virtual, and you can get a real profit from them only after the game is finished, and you have won.

As a rule, famous LOL esports sites offer appealing freebies for the newcomers. After you have registered on the site and made your deposit, the site lets you double the sum of the deposit. It may be possible only with a promo code. However, such a generous offer doesn’t come twice, so don’t reject it.

The newcomers often lose money due to a lack of experience. League of Legends sites don’t want them to lose enthusiasm, too, so the newbies may get the full sum of lost LOL betting odds compensated.

Bettors who remain loyal to a particular site, also deserve a little promotion. LOL betting bonuses for old-timers usually differs from the ones for newbies. It may be an offer to make a free bet. It is possible after you’ve made a deposit; yet, the conditions may vary.

How To Choose A Good Site

A huge variety of LOL sites for betting may confuse a person who is new to this business. The activity of these platforms is difficult to regulate, so a rush choice can give you not winning, but total money lost.

To choose a reliable LOL betting site, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • variety of the games and wagers;
  • convenience and variety of deposit options;
  • maximum odds sum;
  • positive vs. negative reviews;
  • popularity among other bettors.

The more quality the site is, the more bettors it has. And if the site has managed to get a lot of adherents, most likely it pays off the winnings well. For your comfort, you should check if the LOL betting website has customer support and how you can reach to the operators. Online betting usually has many controversial points, so you need to be able to get help easily. The deposit options are to be convenient, and bonuses are to be attractive.

league of legends jungle map

Popular Betting Sites On LOL


This LOL betting site offers to play esports with the most popular virtual games. You’ll find here convenient money transfer, user-friendly design, and a big public of bettors. UNIKRN has all the means to make your betting comfortable. The newcomers get a nice bonus, and the platform frequently offers the bettors to boost their odds with perks. It is a perfect wager site for newcomers.


This LOL esports betting site welcomes visitors with a generous offer. If you seek the most profitable bonus for newcomers, this platform is worth your attention—besides, LOOT.BET has perks for other members, too. The interface shows matches, tournaments, and outrights table. The design is catchy yet not overloaded with many details, so the gamers can concentrate on the betting. LOOT.BET accompanies the desktop version with a mobile app.


GG.BET is a famous betting site that specializes not only on esports bets but also on sports and other games. It is a huge platform that attracts bettors with a large number of games to choose from and quality broadcasting. Round the clock customer support, bonuses, and a blog with news makes the GG.BET an outstanding site among leading platforms for LOL betting.

When you choose a wagering site, you need to feel comfortable with it, like its interface, and have an easy interaction with other members. Check a few sites to understand which one you like the most. Besides, the more bets you make, the more you can win.

Best Esports Betting Websites

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Games offered
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