Overwatch Betting Sites: Choose Your Best

With the development of video games, some of them become suitable enough to become esports. Overwatch is a competitive game where two teams of six players in each try to win a match. Each person has to select a character to play with. Each of them has different skills, abilities, and playing tactics. Therefore, each team has to develop a strategy to win. That is why Overwatch has become a very intriguing esports.

As many competitions and tournaments conduct every year, there are possibilities to make bets. Therefore, many websites have added Overwatch to the list of esports to bet on. However, not all of them are actually good for using. Thus, it makes it not that easy to select a nice Overwatch betting website. To help you, we have prepared some tips on, which may help you to make decisions and several examples of Overwatch services to bet at to consider.

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Peculiarities Of Overwatch Betting Bonuses

Betting on Overwatch matches has to be satisfying and pleasant. The easiest way to improve that is to provide bonuses and promotions for Overwatch. However, not every website has at all. Many services do not provide bonuses for esports events. Thus, you may need to spend more time to find an appropriate one.

Sometimes, esports is part of the sports section. Therefore, it is better to contact customer support to verify whether a promotion can be applied to Overwatch matches. You should feel free to reach out to service representatives as they are friendly and ready to answer your questions.

Tips On Choosing Overwatch Betting Websites

In the online betting industry, there are always some good websites to bet on Overwatch and of poor quality. Thus, by checking several features of the website, you can know whether you would like to use it or no.

Overall Design

In general, the design does not influence the efficiency of Overwatch odds and bets. Nevertheless, every player wants to use a convenient and nice service. Websites that care about website satisfaction try to make pleasant platforms.

Available Esports Events To Bet On

Esports oriented services are not limited by Overwatch’s main tournaments. Many of them offer a great variety of events to bet on. Thus, before joining, it is wise to check whether a specific service has enough Overwatch matches to bet on. In addition, availably of other esports can make your experience with online betting more exciting.

Reputation & Testimonials

When people hear about some service with Overwatch betting, they do not hurry to join it, unless they check testimonials. It is what everyone should do. It is difficult to hide scam services as people will spread words about it on the internet.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

In order to get money from Overwatch betting, you firstly need to make some deposits. Thus, payment options that services can offer play a very important role as it influences the width of auditory. Another part, which you should check on Overwatch websites, is whether there are additional fees on withdrawal or not. Some betting platform pays these fees, which allows you to receive winnings in full amount.

Accessibility Of The Customer Support Department

When something happens while you are betting on Overwatch matches, you should be able to get in touch with the customer support department. Therefore, you may want to check accessibility in the beginning. Not every betting website likes to expose phone numbers. They can be hidden at some website pages, which slows you down when you need to solve an urgent matter.

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Overwatch Esports Betting Websites To Consider

On the internet, there are so many services where you can enjoy making bets on Overwatch esports what actually become a disadvantage. Not all of them are of good quality. Thus, you spend a lot of your valuable time to find a proper one. To help you with these complicated tasks, we have prepared several best Overwatch betting sites due to our inside investigation.


It is always difficult to find appropriate Overwatch betting sites with wonderful features and opportunities. Bet365 is something that matches such a description. Right after visiting this Overwatch betting website, you may enjoy a simple design without too bright colors. All the available esports you can find in the Sports section. Alternatively, there is a search tool to find all the available Overwatch esports matches to bet on. This service tries to be available to a large number of users; thus, internet users are able to select one of twenty other languages.

Payment Options

In order to enjoy betting on Overwatch at Bet365, you do not have to worry about payment methods. Every county has a different attitude to online betting. Therefore, available options per country are different. In addition, depending on the currency you use, they are different. To be completely sure what deposit and withdrawal methods available to use, you should use the Bet365 tool. It allows checking not only what you can use, but also how much time it takes to process the transfer. Moreover, you will know whether there are some fees or not for a specific payment method.

Promotion & Bonuses

Speaking about promotions, you will not find any of those that are suitable for Overwatch betting. Only a welcome bonus is beneficial in such a case. Newcomers may receive up to $30 on their first deposit. In order to claim the bonus, money players have to make bets of the same amount they have received with a welcome bonus. To accomplish these requirements, you have 30 days from the first deposit. Only qualifying bets settled after claiming the offer will count towards this requirement.

Customer Support Department

People who like Overwatch betting need a reliable platform. Therefore, Bet365 is always ready to help. The FAQ section has a large number of instructions and tips. If they cannot help you with your issue, then emailing your request by providing all the information is better. For a more quick response, live support chat is available 24/7. It helps to receive information on other non-standard questions. In case you would like to discuss Overwatch betting bonuses, personally, the phone number is always available to everyone.


  • Bets can be very low what allows not to spend all money on one bet;
  • Possibility to watch favorite matches live in good quality;
  • Website design and navigation are easy to use and have many various features.


  • There are no many various promotions focused on esports including Overwatch;
  • It does not cover all major events in different types of betting sports and esports;
  • Some countries are restricted from using this website.

Nitrogen Sports

On the internet, you are able to find a lot of very similar Overwatch betting websites. They have a standard design, registration form, and the overall style is similar. However, Nitrogen Sports is different. You will not find tons of unneeded buttons and cluttered with information pages. All features are on left and upside menus, which are easy to use. It is not bright or shiny, but rather practical and convenient.

Payment Options

Sometimes it happens that people do not want to bother searching betting sites on Overwatch with an appropriate payment method. In such a case, Nitrogen Sports may satisfy such needs. It uses only Bitcoin. To make deposits or withdrawals, you do not have to worry that there will be large fees or your money credit card will not be accepted. In order to withdraw Bitcoins, you just need to indicate a sum, user ID, and password. It is necessary to mention that transfer is instant, and it cannot be canceled.

Promotions & Bonuses

It is rather surprising that even newcomers do not receive welcome bonuses. Promotions are not common on this Overwatch betting site, which means that you just have to hope on your bets to win. However, Nitrogen Sports does not oblige users to make large bets. The minimum limit is low and available for a large number of players.

Customer Support Department

If you would like to get in touch with the Nitrogen Sports customer support department quickly to solve Overwatch betting issues, you will have to wait sometime. You can reach out to them only via sending a request to their email. The response comes fast, but without the ability to use live chat, you may not receive answers and instructions as fast as needed. Moreover, there is no mobile phone number for urgent. Thus, you need to search for solutions by yourself in the FAQ section.


  • With only Bitcoin option, players always anonymous as they do not provide any personal information even with payments;
  • Withdrawal and deposit time is very fast;
  • It is available in all countries around the globe.


  • There are no great variety of Overwatch tournaments to bet on;
  • Due to the absence of promotions and bonuses for new members, It does not have a large number of joined players;
  • It does not have a 24/7 customer support live chat.


Online betting often requires trust from internet users to websites. Therefore, a large number of people prefer Overwatch betting websites with many years of existence and a proven reputation. If you also try to find something like this, then you should pay your attention to 888Sports. It is a veteran in the online gambling industry with huge experience. Just by visiting the homepage, you will be able to find everything you need with a convenient search tool at the top.

The registration process does not take plenty of time. Simply by indicating all needed personal information, you become a new member. Then you may check everything you want about the service, including Overwatch betting odds. The overall design is simple and convenient what not allows you to get lost.

Payment Options

Making bets on Overwatch esports means that you need to deposit and withdraw money. Depending on your choice, you may lose some funds on additional fees and spend time waiting for money. 888Sport has prepared a large list of variants, which are available to you, including instant PayPal in

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Portugal

If you would like to use cryptocurrencies, then it is only possible for Bitcoin, and you can send it via Skrill. Each payment option requires a different amount of time to process the transaction. Therefore, it may take from 2 to 10 working days.

Promotion & Bonuses

Overwatch betting is more pleasing when you have bonuses to apply. 888Sport has a great variety of bonuses, which are available to everyone. In the beginning, all newcomers are free to enjoy a welcome bonus while making bets. In order to claim it, a newbie needs to join service and use promo code on the first deposit. Then, its welcome bonus will be used on Overwatch esports bet of $10 and higher. It will allow you to get $30 in Free Bets upon bet settlement.

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Customer Support Department

Possibility to receive support from the service sometimes influences whether a person would join or not. Thus, 888Sport cares about support to be easily reached out. In the extensive FAQ section, it is possible to find answers to the most common questions. They contain instructions to make your experience in making bets on Overwatch more satisfying. In case you have a specific request, it is better to send an email, as it allows you to receive a complete answer on the topic. As urgent cases also happen, 888Sport has several phone numbers, where some of them are Toll-free, what allows do not worry about paying a lot of money for calling to another country


  • Convenient mobile application available for Android and Apple devices;
  • It is possible to become a VIP member and receive even more benefits and promotions;
  • A large number of deposit options, including PayPal.


  • The welcome bonus is not that impressive as on other similar services;
  • It is not yet available in all countries around the world;
  • Not all payment methods are free from additional fees on transactions.

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