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Gambling on esports offers amazing opportunities to gamblers. Instead of paying money while playing in the casino, players prefer betting on games. It is fun to watch the gaming tournaments and to bet on some awesome teams. If the teams and individual players are awarded massive rewards upon winning the championships or tournaments, gamblers get rewards each time they successfully bet on a winner.

Lots of gamblers prefer utilizing those awesome betting sites that accept PayPal. Electronic wallets had become a real thing when they were first released. It was an amazing achievement. Not everyone loves having their money in a bank account. When you are using a bank account while gambling, you pay commissions for the operations. When you are betting with PayPal, you spend less on commissions. And you don’t have a feeling that your bank knows everything about your spending habits.

Sometimes utilizing PayPal might be the only available option to have fun while betting. For example, the site is not working in your country, and you are applying VPN. But it is safer to use an electronic wallet when you are paying online on a gambling site in such a case. The reasons are different, but one thing is common – PayPal is extremely useful and convenient.

Today, we have tons of websites offering different nice payment methods. Some remarkable bookies even have managed to succeed in allowing to bet with cryptocurrency. Yes, today, you might even know people who bet Bitcoins when they are choosing their favorite teams.

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Peculiarities Of Betting With PayPal

Esports betting PayPal options are offered by many amazing casinos and bookie websites. Since PayPal is one of the oldest and the most popular e-wallet people use, no wonder so many bookmakers offer betting with PayPal. This amazing electronic wallet is used by millions of people around the world. Sometimes it is easier to use the electronic wallet even for everyday purchases rather than using your credit card.

PayPal is one of the most trusted and best electronic wallets, so a lot of people even forget that they have credit cards. This is one of the reasons bookies have added this extremely popular payment method, for the convenience of gamblers and casino players. You might just pick PayPal esports betting sites and attach your e-wallet to make purchases on the site. Purchasing with PayPal is also easy and safe.

When you want to start betting by attaching your credit card, you need to add some financial information. You insert the number of a credit or debit card; then you add the CVV code and the expiration date. Depositing with PayPal is even easier; you just log in and complete a short verification process. Then you indicate a sum you want to add to your betting site account, and you are free to gamble.

Why Is It Better To Bet With PayPal?

Today, there are tons of different electronic wallets to choose from. But PayPal is one of the most trusted and the oldest payment methods out there. Here are some reasons why it is betters to use PayPal:

  • There are more betting sites that accept PayPal rather than other e-wallets.
  • PayPal’s electronic wallet is much safer than any other e-wallet.
  • It is easier to use PayPal.

One of the most popular reasons why gamblers are switching to PayPal is because there are more esports betting sites using PayPal. It is relatively easy to create an account, and you might transfer money from debit or credit cards. It is safer and amazingly easy to use.

Using PayPal While Gambling: How To Bet?

It is extremely easy to gamble when utilizing PayPal. Here are some steps gamblers complete before depositing with PayPal:

  • Create a PayPal account. It is easy; just follow all the instructions from the official website.
  • Choose a betting website that accepts PayPal.
  • Create an account on your favorite bookie.
  • Attach the payment method by visiting the wallet category in your account.

Attaching your electronic wallet to the favorite betting website is and easy task. Visit the wallet (on a betting site) after creating an account, then click on a button to make a purchase. The choose the method of payment. Choose “PayPal” and log in to the wallet. Then complete the verification, and you are free to bet. Just add to your in-site wallet some money and enjoy making bets.

How To Withdraw Winnings With Paypal?

It is also a simple task. When you meet all the rollover requirements of your favorite bookie, you can withdraw your winnings to your PayPal account. If you have won amazing rewards, just go to your in-built wallet on a favorite bookie and choose a “withdrawal” option. Complete all the instructions, and your money will be transferred to e-wallet.

Then you can use your money the way you prefer. You might use an e-wallet to pay for online purchases, or you might send money to your credit/debit card. Or you might order a special PayPal card to cash out at the ATMs. It depends on your purposes and what you want to do with your amazing rewards. But there are no problems when cashing out on betting websites.

Where Can You Use Paypal: List Of Sites

Not every website offers esports betting PayPal options. But the great news is that a lot of amazing and safe bookies offer PayPal as a payment option. Below you can check out the list of betting websites where you can pay by using PayPal. Gamblers enjoy betting on these sites.


Esports betting offers amazing opportunities to gamblers. It is fun watching the matches and tournaments to see how players use amazing strategies. And it is also fun to bet on those awesome teams. When gamblers win on Betway, they definitely have a lot of fun. Betway is one of the oldest and most respectable sportsbooks out there, so it offers tons of awesome opportunities to loyal players and newcomers. Just create an account, and you will see.

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One of the most known and favorite websites chosen by many gamblers. Pinnacle is a remarkable website. It even has different designs for the traditional betting section and for the esports betting category. When you click on the esports section, you will see all the amazing games and betting lines. Gamblers might choose from the most popular teams to the local ones. And paying with PayPal is easy on Pinnacle.


Gambling on Rivalry is easy and fun. The gambling site has a welcoming bonus. The site awards gamblers when they make their very first deposit. Rivalry is preferred by gamblers because of the rich collection of esports. Click on their “Betting” button, and you will see tons of esports to bet on. Rivalry is a site that is mainly focused on esports.

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This traditional gambling site offers esports betting lines to esports enthusiasts. It is easy to use Bethard since it has an amazing and yet simple design. The collection of esports presented on the site is astonishing. One of the fascinating things about Bethard is that it covers a lot of matches – from the most popular esports matches to local ones.


Another traditional bookmaker focused on esports as well. The great thing about Bovada is that it is a respectable website with a great reputation. It works in certain countries, and it offers a great quality of services. It has amazing payouts and remarkable loyalty programs. You can check out their promotions page, and you will be able to find interesting discounts all the time. Using Bovada is easy, and it allows paying for your betting with PayPal.

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This betting website has great coverage of different sports, including esports. It has a great variety of esports for gambling enthusiasts. The best thing about 888sports bookie is its ease of use. It has an intuitive interface, and it is easy for gamblers to find all options they need. The payouts are great, and the rollover requirements are reasonable. It also has a nice rewards system for loyal players.


This amazing bookmaker is operating a while now. BetSafe is known for offering fair odds and good conditions for esports enthusiasts. It started as a traditional sports bookie, but the owners have noticed the desire of gamblers to bet on esports. So the site has added this amazing opportunity. BetSafe has a prominent name, and it is definitely safe to use. The collection of esports is surprisingly good.

BetSafe main page


With Bet365, you will have fun and entertainment each day of the year. As several previous examples, Bet365 also started as a traditional bookmaker. But since esports are extremely popular, and people are willing to bet on them, they have added this opportunity. Their betting lines are pretty decent, and you can choose to bet on the most popular games and your favorite teams.

Best Esports Betting Websites

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone
⇣ More games
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