World of Tanks Betting Sites

World of Tanks (colloquially Tanchiki or Tanks) is a real-time multiplayer game created by the Belarusian company on August 12, 2010, in particular, game programmer Anton Sitnikov. In almost 10 years, she has become incredibly popular, having gone from amateur battles to professional tournaments.

Now online gamers from all over the world are participating, uniting in teams, earning ratings, and players are betting on World of Tanks. Some bookmakers offering esports on Tanks also provide an opportunity to make bets by developing odds, additional lists, publishing well-known and little-known tournaments. Although the top in the list of bookmaker games World of Tanks cannot be called.

World of Tanks Betting Sites

The Basics

The game involves 2 teams of 15 gamers. At the start, they get entry-level tanks with the crew: T1 Cunningham (USA), MC-1 (USSR), Fiat 3000 (Italy), NC-31 (China), Leichttraktor (Germany), Renault Otsu (Japan), 4TP (Poland ), KH.50 (Czechoslovakia), Renault FT (France), Vickers Medium Mark I (Great Britain), Strv FM / 21 (Sweden). During the game, you can upgrade the combat unit. The task is to destroy all enemy tanks. Between themselves, gamers communicate using text chat, voice, Skype.

World of Tanks Betting Sites

World of Tanks eSports Today

Nevertheless, the World of Tanks eSports continues to be very popular among professional gamers even now. Yes, many teams have refused support for WoT rosters. But this does not stop real fans from organizing their own local events or tournaments online. The developers themselves appreciate this attitude and regularly support such competitions.

It is hoped that the game will still receive the same recognition in the early twenties, which she managed to achieve ten years ago. And very soon we will see her in the main esports arenas of the world along with popular shooters, MOBA, and other disciplines.

Types of Cyber-ins on WoT

World of Tanks is an eSports discipline with teams of 15 gamers each. The main bets on WoT are comparable to betting on other sports: the winner of a match, a round or the winner of an entire tournament, i.e. a series of matches.

In addition, bookmakers offer esports bets for World of Tanks from an additional list:

  • Totals and Odds;
  • the period during which one of the teams will destroy the enemy;
  • the number of kills that the whole team or gamer will make per game, round or the entire championship;
  • which of the gamers will be the best in the team and score the most points;
  • when the first combat unit of the enemy (frag) will be destroyed;
  • the number of frags scored by a player or team per round, game or tournament;
  • who will capture the important point (control) of the enemy and be able to hold it for a certain time in the outcome;
  • the time it takes for the team to destroy the second team.

On World of Tanks you can place Orders, Express (Combo), Systems, add outcomes of matches of the same or other sports to coupons. The outcomes and quotes given on them depend on the bookmaker.

How to Bet on World of Tanks

World of Tanks betting website matters, but your approach is of high importance as well. You can bet on World of Tanks on the traditional classic sites of bookmakers, legal and offshore, and specialized e-sports exchanges.

  • Log in to the site of the selected BC or exchange.
  • Fill out the registration form, if necessary, go through the identification procedure in the First or Second MCCIS.
  • Make money on the game balance in an accessible way for the bookmaker or the venue.
  • Choose a match.
  • Choose the team you want to bet on and the outcome of the game from the main or additional painting.
  • Click on the outcome ratio and add it to the coupon.

In the same way, you can add outcomes for World of Tanks or other esports competitions.

  • Enter the bet amount and confirm your choice.

The development of events in Live matches can be observed by video broadcasts if the bookmaker considers it necessary to broadcast it. As a result, winnings will be calculated and paid.

On the sites of some bookmakers and the KTTC portal, there are sections with results where you can see the results of the battle.

The Main Types of Bets on WOT Games

Since for the most part the World of Tanks game is a team game, the types of bets will be very similar to those for any other team sport. The most common bet on the victory of the team in the championship or a specific team meeting.

However, some bookmakers accept more interesting options from them:

  • bet on guessing the time necessary for the complete victory of one of the teams;
  • bet on the number of defeated tanks of one specific player or team as a whole for a round or a meeting as a whole;
  • bet on the most useful player in the meeting, etc.
  • The most popular championships on WOT games.

The most famous and most popular tournament of the game World of Tanks was and remains WCG. But for some time now this championship has ceased to be held, but there are other tournaments where professional gamers from around the world on WOT meet.

Recently, most events are held under the name of the League. Based on the name, you can understand that the organizer of these events is the company that created the game itself. The WGL tournaments are attended by the most advanced teams from both the countries of the former Soviet Union and from abroad. The most successful of them are Natus Vincere, LOL Team and ROX.KIS.

Where to Bet on World of Tanks?

With the growing popularity of World of Tanks eSports as a separate sport, it is quite reasonable that most of the world’s bookmakers have started accepting bets on World of Tanks eSports games. The most attractive domestic bookmaker remains the 1xbet bookmaker. It is in the list of the best World of Tanks betting sites.

Recently, betting sites on World of Tanks shops have begun to appear on the Internet, which has become specialized exclusively in esports betting, with lists and descriptions of the most popular of them you can find in our rating of the best cyber-betting shops.

World of Tanks Betting Tips

Bets on esports of World of Tanks should be made taking into account its features: what combat units the players received, how well they own their tank, whether they converted the combat unit, adding improved elements, etc. Recommendations come in handy:

  • Gather information about the teams and gamers that are part of it. How long they play together, with what result, mood.
  • Which gamers on the team are the most powerful or promising.
  • In training matches, even strong teams can lose to weaker ones, as the former does not have an interest in winning, and the latter want to increase their rating.
  • Which tanks are selected – light or medium. Tanks have weaknesses; these shortcomings are compensated by partner tanks.
  • Some gamers choose tanks on the principle of invulnerability, others – on the principle of mobility, while others choose tanks with cross-country ability.
  • Bet on Live games when the strategy chosen by the team becomes clear, the tanks they control are known.

To help players, sites, and forums dedicated to the game World of Tanks: vBaddict,, KTTC, WoT-News.

With regard to certain techniques, not all betting strategies relevant to gaming sports are suitable for gambling, including the best World of Tanks betting sites’ cybersports discipline.

  • Flat – participant makes a bet for a certain amount, without going beyond it. The amount does not depend on the probability of the forecast. If there are 5 losing bets in a row, it is better to take a break; otherwise, there is a great risk of losing the entire deposit.
  • Dogon – the participant makes a bet on a certain percentage (from 5 to 10%) of the deposit. Takes a break when the deposit is exhausted or decides to stop.
  • Peak bets. In World of Tanks Live Games, you can evaluate how strong gamers play for the team, which tanks they choose. Based on this information, betting participants can make a prediction and bet.
  • Forks. World of Tanks betting odds on the opposite results of one World of Tanks battle in different bookmakers. The strategy will pay off if the odds are above 2.0.
  • Bet on the fresh Line. World of Tanks is a discipline thoroughly unexplored. Therefore, it is often possible to meet overestimated odds on the actions of one of the teams. If it is predicted that it will win, it makes sense to bet.

World of Tanks esports is unpredictable. Gamers from the World of Tanks, if they are held online, and not on LAN sites, involve gamers from different cities and countries. They should play harmoniously, the outcome of the competition depends on the human factor: is the gamer in a good mood, is he sleepy, is he hungry, is he comfortable sitting, is he distracting him from the game and other nuances.

World of Tanks Tournaments from 2015 to 2019

Gradually, the number of events sponsored by was reduced. Yes, the WoT Pro League, as well as other major competitions, were still held. Should someone from the World of Tanks recall NVIDIA GeForce World Finals? But only World of Tanks was still in the shadows. Largely due to the uncertainty of the game itself. Counter-Strike and other shooters were then popular among team disciplines. And the simulators were dominated by Need for Speed, Tekken, FIFA, and other individual games.

World of Tanks Betting Sites League: tournaments and bonuses

Until recently, a group of tank battle professionals proved their skills at World Cyber ​​Games (WCG). Five years ago, such tournaments ceased to exist. And with them, a whole gaming era has sunk into oblivion. League

However, this does not mean at all that the popularity of the game has declined. The satellite of the developer of the game League took over from the former founder of tournaments. At the moment, he offers gamers not only exciting tank battles on different maps, a wide selection of iron cars, but also the opportunity to win money or advanced tanks. Especially to increase the popularity level of his application, he created a boom auction.

Last year, during this event, every gamer could become the owner of level 10 equipment. To do this, he needed to conduct 10 fights on the Civil Code. At the end of the battles, the player was given the opportunity to play World of Tanks betting bonuses.

Thanks to this event, many users became owners of powerful tanks. In the new year, the satellite of the game developer plans to repeat the auction. In addition to such an event, expensive top-notch game items can be purchased in the wot-leader online store. League is the founder of many tank format tournaments. Last year, this developer gave gamers a lot of opportunities to prove their professionalism. He launched such popular events as:

  • “Clan brawl”;
  • “The time of tanks. Battle of platoons “;
  • Tank football. Match the best.

The company created the World of Tanks league. Thanks to these events, not only the best players were identified, but also significant winnings were distributed. With the help of these competitions, professional gamers and people who play and earn money on bets have won.

Tips for beginners

If you are a beginner and just about to start on World of Tanks games, then the following tips will certainly be useful and necessary for you:

  1. Starting to bet on the events of a particular tournament, try to avoid World of Tanks betting the game in the initial stages of the championship. And now, according to the results of the first games, it is much easier to find obvious favorites from the whole mass of teams.
  2. Use statistics. View game results for at least the last 10 games.
  3. Watch the lineups. Transitions of players from one team to another are not uncommon. Even one worthy player can significantly strengthen the playing team.
  4. See the streams of the game of both teams. It will also help you determine the favorite in the meeting.


World of Tanks is developing and gaining popularity. Therefore, we can expect that it will soon be possible to take part in the esports match in a wider list of bookmakers and exciting tournaments.

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