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If you are on this page, then you are most probably a fan of cybersports looking for a reliable platform to place esport bets on. Are we right? If it is the case, then it is a destiny that we have met each other. We are passionate about esports betting just like you and know close to everything about this industry and all its participants. This is actually why this online project has been launched – to share our knowledge and insights into successful esports betting, approach to choosing a reliable operator, and predicting a winning bet.

How Can We Help You with Esports Betting?

Just a few years ago, virtually no one heard about esports. That’s true – even 20 years ago, no one would have thought that someday computer games champs would collect millions of views. But a couple of years ago, this situation changed considerably, and now the cybersports industry attracts millions of dollars of investments and collects an army of fans from around the globe. And it is not the peak – many predict this sports great development and even more popularity in the future. We understand this trend. Cybersports is technologically advanced, entertaining, and quite difficult to predict. This is what makes people watch cybersports tournaments, follow the results of different champs, and participate in esports betting.

And we are actually among those who spend all the time tracking industry developments, trends, and innovations. Of course, it takes a lot of time to read all the news and analyze the data, and far from everyone can boast of having that time. Fortunately, there is always a solution. If you love cybersports but do not have sufficient time to be on top of all industry happenings, then we will help you with the mission. By checking our platform every day, you will have access to all the necessary data related to esports betting. Here is what we have for you here.

  • Reviews of the best esports betting sites – Forget about wasting lots of time checking customer reviews on dedicated forums or testing the operators yourself. Find all the answers in our reviews spending no more than two minutes on reading. The best thing is that all the reviews are written by industry experts and are regularly updated with fresh information;
  • Ratings of the best esports betting sites – Would you trust money to a second-rate website? We would never do that. That’s why it is better to trust professionals or double-check all the data. If you do not want to fail with the wrong decision, it is better to have an expert assistant on your side to advise you on what esports betting site to choose;
  • Sports betting tips and tricks – Looking for a winning esports betting tactic? Strive to find 100% working tips on how to make winning esports bets? This is where we can make you a winner. With a team of betting experts who know everything about betting types and approaches, we are constantly advancing the approach to esports betting and relevant strategy. Employ the knowledge of professionals and develop a strategy that works top effectively for you.
  • Recent industry news – Being on top of all industry happenings is what keeps you ahead of your competitors. This is what you should strive for; are we right? We will provide you with all these “weapons.” On our site, we post the most up-to-date news related to the cybersports industry.

What more can you wish? We know that the market is developing rapidly and that it is critically important to keep abreast of all the changes. That’s why we have an eye on the market happenings and keep track of all the changes.

Let Us Help You Choose Sites for Esports Gambling

We all know that selecting a site for esports gambling is far from being an easy task, especially if you are a novice player and know less about the industry. But we are ready to help you with the task. Constantly monitoring the market, we know its leading players. Based on their features and offers, we have compiled a rating that you can use for the selection of your betting operator. All the esports sites from the list have a flawless reputation, offer multiple options for betting on esports, and welcome novice players with generous bonuses.


GG.bet is a leading platform for eSports betting. It is a top bookmaker, where you can bet on any eSports disciplines, be it Dota 2, CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL, or any other popular cyber disciplines. Besides that, they offer pleasing winning odds and bonuses and provide the opportunity to watch online broadcasts right on the platform. The company is legally operating on the market and guarantees fair esports betting.


  • High odds for betting on esports;
  • Juicy welcome bonus for new players;
  • The user-friendly interface of the site;
  • Mobile app;
  • Wide assortment of games/ esports events to bet on;
  • Match broadcasts available;
  • Quality support service.

On top of that, the registration process is quite straightforward here. In order to make a bet, you just simply need to create an account and request bonus money from a bookmaker.


Bet365 is a reliable betting company with a large esports betting community. The operator also allows you to bet on any eSports disciplines that may interest you. For this, there is a separate section on the platform where all the popular cyber-disciplines are listed. CS: GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2 betting, PUBG, FIFA, and Fortnite – these are some of the available esports betting options.


  • Excellent odds;
  • Free bet available;
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation on the website;
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android compatible);
  • Lots of betting options;
  • Responsive tech support.


This online betting room provides you with different esports betting options. The platform is also famous for its generous bonuses. Bet on any esports events; do not miss out on any big happenings – use the calendar on their site to know about all the major champs and tournaments. What do they have for you? LoL, Dota 2, CS: GO, and other games are available.


  • Cool interface;
  • Bonus on the first deposit;
  • High odds;
  • Easy-to-use mobile app;
  • A selection of esports betting options;
  • Technical support for players available 24/7.

Of course, it is not a full list of the best esports websites that deserve your attention. If you need to see the rating in full, navigate to the dedicated section of our website. Those who want to explore the features of a particular esports betting platform in detail should lead to our review section.

How Do We Rate Esports Betting Operators?

Assessing a level of a sports betting site is a complex task that requires in-depth analysis and investigation. Still, without knowing the industry standards and rules, it is easy to fail here. That is why we entrust the rating task to true experts only. They possess all the knowledge necessary for 100% precise and unbiased platform testing, evaluation, and rating.

This is not all. Having a dedicated team running the site check is evaluation is one thing. However, you will never go far if you do not have a clear plan. That’s why we have developed a long check-list with the criteria we pay attention to when rating a platform:

  • License – A betting company cannot legally operate on the market if it is not licensed or does not have all the necessary permissive documentation. This aspect is worth checking, agree?
  • User reviews – Positive customer reviews are prerequisites for a high-quality esports betting site. That’s why user feedback is among the first things we check. You can be sure that all the bookmakers from our rating have a great reputation and boast of grateful customer reviews.
  • Minimum deposit and rate – The less you are asked to deposit, the better. So we give preference to sites with no strict deposit requirements and high payout rates;
  • Bonuses for customers – Top-quality bookmakers offer welcome bonuses for new players. And in general, it is a good thing to get free credits upon registration;
  • Esports betting site convenience – This includes the availability of mobile applications for Android, iOS, the web version / mobile version of the site, the interface, etc.
  • Payment systems – You should have multiple options for making deposits and withdrawing funds. Otherwise, it will be impossible to do esports betting;
  • Payout timing – How quickly will the bookmaker process the withdrawal operation? One esports betting site can do this magic in a couple of hours, whereas another operator will need a couple of days or even weeks to do the same.
  • Customer loyalty – Do bookmakers respond to complaints? How quickly are inquiries addressed? Are any improvements according to customer wishes and suggestions possible? Being open to customers is a level of professionalism.
  • Esports betting variety – How many matches and esports disciplines are supported there? What are the odds?
  • Draws – How many additional markets does the bookmaker support for a particular event?
  • Company history – We also check the company date of foundation, years of work, and reputation. These tell us a lot about how well the company is doing and whether it is worth trusting.

Apart from checking the above parameters, we also test every esports betting site to ensure that it delivers on its promise without failing.

Online eSports Betting – All the Specs You Need to Know

ESports is the only sport that you should bet on in real-time. If a football or hockey match, boxing fight, or horse race allow for a pre-match bet a couple of days before a sporting event, live betting is the most popular in esports. Among the esports disciplines that you can bet on, you can find all the well-liked online games, including Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike, Dota 2 bets, League of Legends, World of Tanks, and the legendary Quake. The betting lines include all the major tournaments and championships where professional gamers take part in, as well as status single matches between the teams known in the esports world.

Matches in various e-sports disciplines are held almost daily, so you can develop a habit of “voting” for your team every day. It is convenient to bet on esports in real-time. Each player can connect as an observer, evaluate the preparation of opponents, and draw their own conclusions about who will be able to win the match.

How to Make Money with Esports Betting?

Putting real money on eSports is pretty simple. You can do this by registering at any bookmaker. The registration procedure is standard on almost all gambling sites. It includes filling in the well-known form of the questionnaire covering the personal data of the user.

Be ready that serious esports betting sites usually require confirmation of the information you submit upon registration. Without a passport or an ID document, it is impossible to register. Therefore, you should have photocopies of the required documentation at hand.

Apart from this, you should also pay attention to the game currency of the account. After all, the wrong choice of banknotes cannot be fixed in your account. For these purposes, the account holder will have to contact the support service. Avoid wasting time with this back and forth. Check all the specs in advance!

After completing the registration procedure, you will have a couple of bucks to your account. There are several ways to do this. Almost all bookmakers accept electronic wallets, bank cards, transfers, and payments from mobile devices. Therefore, no account holder should have problems with the initial capital for the game.

Activation is completed, and there are some credits in your account. So you are ready to plunge into the variety of esports disciplines. In order not to get lost, beginners should keep in mind that each type of esports betting type has its own set of features. For example, with CS: GO, you can make a bet on the outcome of a single round or the entire match, the fastest departure from the game, the most active player of the entire tournament, or a single match. League of Legends provides for bets on wins in tournaments, on the best player in the championship, or an accurate score.

All cyber competitions are held online. So you are free to watch all the games directly on the esports betting website, which is very comfortable. Viewing the game in real-time will allow you not only to determine the level of preparation of the players but also to make the right bet in the future. Use this opportunity to make the winning bet. Having decided on the cyber discipline, match, bet type, and outcome, registered users can place their bets. They also have the right to visit the main line of matches, deposit money for the next event, or place an express-bet.

Types of eSports Bets or Main Outcomes

Esports is fundamentally different from all ordinary sports. Esports matches are held in the formats bo3, bo5, bo1, bo2. All these symbols indicate the number of cards in a given match. When placing bets, you should carefully monitor the mentioned indicator.

  • The most tricky betting format is bo1. Such matches are played until the first victory. They do not give players the slightest chance to recoup.
  • The bo2 format also has a rather problematic type of bet. Newcomers often bet on the first or second victory, completely forgetting that the outcome of the game could well be a combat draw. Experienced users are well aware of this nuance. They prefer to bet on matches that are played before two or even three wins.
  • In addition to the usual standard bets, there are also rather non-standard bets. For example, in Dota2, bets on the first blood are accepted.
  • The popular shooter CS-GO also has its own extraordinary bets. A striking example of this is a pistol round. Under the terms of this bet, the player who correctly determines the winner of rounds 1 and 16 of the fight on pistols wins.

Cyber competitions in our time are held quite often. Well-known bookmakers accept cash bets on such disciplines daily. Statistics claim that many users are attracted to real money bets. However, winnings in the form of skins and various items are no less popular among the betters.

Esports Betting Today

Competitions of various levels in esports disciplines are held quite often. Some bookmakers even accept esports bets daily. It is no wonder – cybersports boast of huge popularity and offer impressive diversity to players. There are some other benefits of esports betting. It can be fun; it is not so difficult as traditional sports betting, and, most importantly, it can become a great source of income.

Want to avail at maximum from esports betting? Then we highly recommend you to add our website to your list of bookmarks. Visit us daily to know everything about major happenings in the world of cyber sports and keep track of all esports betting coefficients and forecasts.

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