Unikrn Betting Review

Unikrn is a service for betting on esports. It allows bet and win money on matches of professional players and even on personal games. With a Discord channel, it is easy to get in touch with some users that can help you with some issue or just to tell you more about this service.

Overall Unikrn Rating: 4.5/5

  • Customer Support 4.5
  • Mobile App 4.0
  • Esports Choice 5.0
  • Design Convenience 4.5
  • Additional Features 4.5

About Unikrn

Unikrn is a world know online esports betting platform with a big number of customers. It is still growing, but even now, you can find plenty of popular video games. This service is oriented only on esports, and you will not find horse racing, basketball, etc. If comfort plays a very important role to you, then the Unikrn app for Android and iOS devices will be very handy for you. You can easily download it directly from the website. With a great variety of unique features, you can even bet on your own matches at some games, which encourages people over the world to master their gaming skills.


How Does Unikrn Esports Work?

In order to start betting, you firstly need to join the service. After that, do not forget to deposit some money on your wallet. The next step is to find a preferred esport match to bet on. In the left top corner of you should go to Esports Betting. On the new page, you can select a specific video game or check all of them. Then you will see all available matches and their Unikrn odds. By clicking on a preferred team or result you will receive a window for betting. After placing a bet, you will have to wait until the match or game finishes or to watch it online.

Welcome Bonus

All new users can get a Unikrn bonus while making deposits. In order to receive it, you should deposit at least 10 UKG using your Wallet during the 7 days after joining the service. The first deposit allows you to receive a Unikrn welcome bonus that may be up to 300% of the initial sum.

Location & Age Restrictions

By many Unikrn reviews, you will figure out that this service is not available in every country. It directly depends on whether gambling is allowed in a specific country or not. Therefore, you should verify whether you can do it or not. In addition, you may be simply restricted from the Unikrn website. Speaking about age restrictions, Unikrn is available from legal age, which is 18 years.

Esports to Bet On

Unikrn is a service with a great variety of esports to bet on. After registration, you are able to get a free Unikrn bonus in order to immediately try out the service. Among the most popular esports you will find:

  • Dota 2
  • Halo 5
  • Hearthstone
  • Overwatch
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • FIFA
  • League of Legends
  • APEX Legends
  • PUBG
  • World of Warcraft
  • Starcraft 2
  • Quake
  • Smash Bros.


Types of Bets

It is difficult to invent some new kinds of bets as they are directly connected to a specific esport. Therefore, you can simply meet such main types of bets:

  • Single result
  • Combination of several results
  • A 1-2 outcome without draw
  • A 1-N-2 outcome with possible draw
  • Amount of maps, rounds, games, etc.
  • Under and over the result

Unikrn odds can be very different, but due to the increasing popularity of esports, they also tend to be high. During world championships, it is possible to win more than during average matches.

Sign Up

The signing up process at the Unikrn betting site does not take plenty of time. After visiting the home page, you need just to click Sign In button. You will be transferred to an account creation page. There you will find such fields like, email, password, date of birth, and state. In order to proceed, you need to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It is better to read them as it allows you to know what to expect from the Unikrn esports betting. Then, by clicking Create Account you will finish the Unikrn registration process and join it.


Promotion & Bonuses

Unikrn encourages users to make bets in different ways. Periodically, it is possible to receive some promotions for the next deposits. It is not difficult to miss them as you receive a notification of the available Unikrn bonus. They increase the amount of money you receive to your wallet.


Special Features

At this platform, you will find a special Loot feature. It allows you to win some esport prizes and giveaways. It can be some merchandize, skins in popular video games, assets, devices, gadgets, etc. In order to win some loot, you need to spend Silver or Gold tickets. They increase your chances of getting it among other participants.

Payment Methods

At this service, you can use to deposit and withdraw money with the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • EntroPay
  • Direct Bank Transfers
  • Privacy and Security

Security on the online betting website is quite important as people spend real money. In order to allow you to make bets, you need to provide a real address and name in order to be verified. It prevents the under legal age visitors of websites to spend money from parents.

Speaking about privacy, this platform ensures that your personal data is protected. According to Privacy Policy, some personal information of you is collected by the service in order to process bets, payments, credits cards, ID verification, etc. but without providing the data to unknown third parties.

Customer Support

Customer supports availability is a common question of newcomers as it is actually important to know whether the Unikrn site is ready to help you when it is needed. This betting service offers you a great variety of options on how you can have your issue solved. The most common is the Help Center, which is a common FAQ with valuable answers and instruction. Then you can send a ticket with a specific requirement. If you prefer to have a conversation immediately, then you can start live chat with agents. However, they are available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. of UTC and only during the weekdays. There is an alternative way of joining the community of users in Discord. They may also assist you.

Pros & Cons


  • Large choice of esports to bet on
  • Convenient and intuitive design
  • Possibility to earn points and use them in the shop for different features


  • It does not have many methods for deposit and money withdrawing
  • Only esports betting
  • The customer support department is not available 24/7


For those who are looking for an online betting service, which oriented only on esports, Unikrn is a good choice. After joining the service, you are able to receive a Unikrn welcome bonus and to check the current games with live streams. It may take some time to adjust to the website design, but with large buttons and tabs, you will not get lost.


Is Unikrn Legal?

Unikrn Inc. is a legal company in the online betting and entertainment industry. It is more oriented on esports, and this company is a legitimate member of Esports Integrity Coalitions.

Is Unikrn Safe?

Unikrn betting service cares about your security. Only people of legal age can bet on the website, and the management team may ask to submit a photo or scan of ID in order to verify your identity.

Is Unikrn Good for Brawlhalla Esport?

Right now, Brawlhalla is not available for betting at Unikrn esports. However, this service constantly develops, and this video game may appear on the list.

What to Do if ID Verification Is Failed?

In case you have submitted a wrong address, which service team could not verify or the quality of submitted ID was poor. If the management team could not get all the details, you can fail the verification process. You can always try again or contact directly to the customer support department.

Is It Possible to Review Unikrn Without Registration?

Unfortunately, you cannot do a personal Unikrn review until you join the service.

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