Choosing Best Esports Betting Sites In Canada

Playing games is now a sport, isn’t it awesome? Now gamers all over the world can compete with each other to win amazing in-game rewards as well as massive real rewards. It is not news; some tournaments are offering millions of dollars to the top-3 winners. The competition is real, and the best players from different countries team up to win those rewards.

And where is a competition, there is betting. Betting in Canada on esports is one of the most popular ways of having fun and earning additional revenue. Even if gamblers are betting on a player or team with favorable odds, they still stand a chance to win considerable rewards. And sometimes professional gamblers with supreme skills in betting know when to wager on the underdog of the match and to win a massive share of rewards.

Canada betting is legal as long as the sportsbooks meet certain requirements. These sportsbooks might be registered in other wonderful countries, and they are legal in Canada if they have the license to perform their services. Choosing the best Canadian betting sites is still important. To gain wonderful experience while gambling, wagerers choose the safest sites.


There is a general list of characteristics of a great quality bookmaker:

  • The service has a license.
  • The site is using great quality software.
  • It offers a wide range of fun games to bet on.
  • It has a nice bonus system with rewards for loyalty and to newcomers.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Good reputation and positive feedback from users.

These general characteristics prove the site is trusted and grants a chance to win great profit. One of the best ideas when it comes to choosing esports betting sites in Canada is to pick those sportsbooks offering traditional and esports betting opportunities.

Esports betting has become a thing relatively short while ago. Most sportsbooks with a good reputation were traditional sportsbooks. So, when bettors are choosing a mixed type of sportsbook, they are choosing reliable websites with a good history. There are several new esports betting platforms with a good reputation too, but most reliable websites are more focused on traditional betting.

There is another interesting type of betting on esports in Canada – skin betting. It is not only relatively popular in Canada, but everywhere where esports betting is preferred by players. Skin betting is available in such games as Call of Duty and its new edition CS:GO. Skins are customizers; they are like stickers. You place them on weapons, but they don’t give any buffs. Using skins is prestigious, and they can be bought with real money.

Since gamers buy skins with real money, some people came up with an interesting idea to bet skins as well. The rarest skins might cost several thousands of dollars, so winning such a skin is an amazing way to earn money. The only thing is that such type of betting is not regulated, so it might be less safe, and most likely, this opportunity won’t exist in the near future.

Betting in Canada is a popular way to have fun while earning money. But is it legal?

Betting In Canada: Is It Legal?

One of the most popular questions – is betting in Canada legally? The Canadian law is known for frowning upon any gambling actions. But unlike in Australia, where betting or any kind of betting is theoretically illegal, Canadian law is less strict. As long as the website meets the requirements of the country and has a license, the site is welcome in Canada.

Betting On Esports In Canada

Now you know that betting in Canada is legal. Esports wagering is one of the most enjoyable ways to gamble. Today, we enjoy the live streams of gamers playing their favorite games while competing for amazing rewards. And at the same time, wagerers place wages on those matches and might enjoy watching how their favorite teams win, and these wagerers get remarkable rewards.

Esports betting in Canada is common. Canadians know that they can have fun and be entertained since the law protects them from fraud. The regulations in Canada are enforced to protect their citizens, so if the sites want to gain the attention of Canadians, they provide good quality services. Surprisingly, there are many sportsbooks that have met the requirements of Canadian law concerning gambling. Below you will find some options.

Canadian Betting Sites List

The Canadian law says you can use good esports betting sites in Canada if they have the license to perform betting services and if they meet the requirements. Here are some good quality Canadian services where you can have some real fun and win amazing rewards without the hustle and bustle.


This bookmaker is one of the best Canadian betting sites out there. It offers amazing bonuses at the beginning of each player’s journeying so they can earn outstanding rewards. Loyal players are rewarded too – they have interesting perks to use while gambling on the website.

The name of the sportsbook hints – the website is safe, and you can bet with joy. Betting on BetSafe is amazingly fun – your first deposit grants a doubled purchase. You can bet even more than you would expect, and it will be free. The range of esports is rich as well as the plethora of gambling opportunities within each game. The odds are fair, and the site is easy to use.

BetSafe main page


This website is a breath of fresh air in the betting industry. It is not new; it is just simple and easy to use, unlike some of the older websites. The bookmaker has a clear-cut design, so it is very easy to navigate through the opportunities of the website.

10bet has great coverage of matches, leagues, and tournaments. It is clear that the site is publishing the betting lines and the odds as soon as the match is announced. 10bet is a great example of a mixed sportsbook – a traditional bookmaker with extremely good coverage of gaming matches. The site offers some outstanding perks to all users of the sportsbook.

10bet main page


Canada betting on esports is available on Pinnacle as well. The website is included in the list of most well-known sportsbooks with good quality services. You can visit Pinnacle and find everything for entertainment purposes. From a live casino to betting on sports and esports. It is a trusted website where people wager their money and win amazing rewards.

Top league sports, including esports, have the highest payouts – up to 98%. If you are gambling and you prefer wagering on top leagues, you gain a great chance to win massive rewards. There is a loyalty system where existing players receive nice perks to gain and edge at wagering. The esports section is rich and has various options. You might be interested to see it since the site has great coverage of games.

Pinnacle main page

Mr Green

Esports betting in Canada is a great way to earn money. Mr Green is a sportsbook offering nice opportunities for Canadian gamblers. It has everything a gambler needs – a casino with traditional slots and live dealer games, a traditional sportsbook, and a good range of esports to bet. The website has a clear-cut and stylish design where you easily find every category you need.

Mr Green has good coverage of esports lines. Wagerers choose from their favorite games and teams. Mr Green offers good odds, and the information about the upcoming matches is published on time for wagerers to figure out whether to bet on certain matches. Mr Green has some perks and nice bonuses for gamblers.

Mr Green main page


This interesting sportsbook is one of the best options for Canadians when it comes to wagering on esports in Canada. Bethard is very easy to use, and yet it offers great opportunities for those who love earning money and having fun. Bethard could be the definition of entertainment – it has a nice casino, interesting games, sports betting lines, and a lot of lines for esports enthusiasts.

The odds are decent and reasonable. Even if you place a wager on a potential winner and the team or players win, you still get a good share of the rewards. The convenience of players is important to Bethard. You will find esports in the sports section. The esports available will be evenly divided into countries. So you can choose matches depending on countries and pick your favorite league. Placing wagers on Bethard is fun and easy!

Bethard main page


A purely esport platform with some traditional sports lines. The website is focused on the gaming industry. It has a blog where you might read the latest news from the gaming industry. You might even find out which game could become the new esport! The site also has a great Academy with tips on betting for everyone, even for skilled wagerers.

The website reminds a gaming platform. Everything is stylish and up to date. It is extremely easy to navigate through available options. To place a wager, just click on the “Betting” button, and you will see a huge range of esports. Pick your favorite game, then team, and place a wager. Simple!

main page Rivalry


Most wagerers know Betway as a traditional sportsbook or even a casino. But esports enthusiasts know better! Betway has a shorter range of games, but the platform compensates for this fact by covering tons of matches from the available range. The lines are always published on time, and the statistical data about teams and matches are available.

Betway.Com main page

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