Fortnite Betting Guide

Fortnite is a third-person shooter of Battle Royale developed by Epic Games, a free-game mode that was originally conceived as an addition to their main game, where zombies survive in a cooperative game.

Since 2017, a real revolution has taken place in the genre of computer games “royal battle”. This was facilitated by the outputs of several games, which determined the direction vector of virtual entertainment. The Fortnite game, a survival simulator from the famous developer company Epic Games, was also expected to be a resounding success. Today, betting on Fortnight in e-sports is one of the most promising areas in betting.

Fortnite Betting Guide

How to bet on Fortnite?

First you need to figure out what a computer game is. This is a battle royale simulator. A large map (island) is provided, where 100 players drop. Either these are single participants, or groups of 2-4 users. As soon as all the players have landed at certain points, the process begins – the killing of all gamers, with the exception of allies (if any).

Initially, only a pick is available from weapons, so players need to find weapons and various ammunition. One of the features of Fortnite is the construction of shelters that can help in defense or attack. The winner is the participant who has survived the longest.

At Fortnight esports tournaments, 5 cards are played, participants get points for murders committed and getting into the TOP-10 of the best gamers.

Due to the specific nature of the computer game, Fortnite bookmakers are quite limited. Offices take a bet on the most famous participants of the “royal battle” (since there are many unknown personalities among the 100 players).

The following markets are available for betting companies at Fortnite betting website companies:

  • Hit the gamer or team in the TOP of the best participants;
  • Total frags made by the gamer or team;
  • Comparison of participants in the standings (bet on those who are higher in the ranking);
  • Making long-term bets. This option includes outcomes on the winner in a tournament or game season;

Bets on getting into the TOP mean that the gamer or team must enter a certain number of surviving participants. The most common option in most bookmakers is getting into the TOP-10.

Currently, the largest computer game tournament is considered PRO AM. The competition was created with the support of the creators of the popular discipline – Epic Games.

Despite the worldwide popularity of Fortnight (an audience of about 150 million people), so far there are not many tournaments. This is the main reason why most betting companies ignore the computer game.

Things are somewhat different with international bookmakers. It is recommended to pay attention to companies working with e-sports disciplines. These include, and EGB. In these offices major tournaments and championships are covered in detail – you can bet on Fortnite.

Fortnite in eSports

Fortnite has gained tremendous popularity since entering Battle Royale mode, during the first two weeks since its appearance there were more than a million players 10, and this has become a phenomenon in modern gaming culture, especially among the younger generation.

Fortnite is currently in the early stages of becoming a real eSports: Epic Games is experimenting with game formats, but offers huge prize pools, and Winter Royale with a prize pool of $ 1 divided into finals in Europe and North America, where solo players competed with each other to score the most points for killing and win to earn the highest possible place.

Fortnite Betting Guide

World Cup Final 2019

At the end of 2018, Epic Games announced that in July 26-28th they would host the $ 30,000,000 World Cup, which would be shared among all players, and the winners of the solo and tournament duo would leave with $ 3,000,000.

To receive an invitation to the World Cup finals, Epic Games introduced weekly online qualifiers, and players from six regions compete in single or duet lines to score the most points during matches and become tournament leaders. Staircase – for the chance to receive a cash prize and / or an invitation to solo / duet tournaments in the World Cup finals.

With a prize pool of $ 30 million, Fortnite outperforms the DOTA 2 The International 2018 prize pool at its first World Cup, which had a staggering $ 25 million.

Knowledge is power

Since Fortnite is still in its early stages as an eSports player, with a prize pool that they could devote to their first World Cup, one can only hope that Epic Games will think in the future to develop its professional scene.

At the moment, bookmakers will surely provide chances for the World Cup finals, but since the scene is now rather chaotic and nothing is clearly defined, their offer will not go further than the winners and winners of the matches.

Since it’s almost two months before a major event, you should start by observing the most experienced players and reviewing their playing styles, strategies, and in the case of duets, teamwork, which can give you an advantage in betting.

Fortnite Betting Guide

Major betting markets

  • match winner

One of the most common markets that came from traditional sports.

This is a market where you simply bet on which team or player will win until the end of the game.

  • Winner

Outreach bets are similar to traditional sports bets, when you bet not on a specific match, but on the outcome of the whole event.

This type of market is much more prone to team or player errors, as this market has been running for a longer period of time during which the team or player you bet on may fail during the tournament, but ultimately come back and win contest.

Fortnite esports

After the announcement of several major Fortnite tournaments, bookmakers began to offer their customers to bet on minor tournaments. However, the line still leaves much to be desired. Basically, you can bet on Fortnite in only three ways:

  • To the winner of the game;
  • On the total kills;
  • For the player who will take first place.

Of course, the selection of bets on fortnite is still very scarce, but Moscow was also not immediately built. If Epic Games, which has allocated $ 30 million for the upcoming tournaments, can hold the competition at a high level, there is no doubt that the bookmakers will immediately expand the lines for fans of betting on Fortnite. Moreover, the World Cup will be held annually on the game, so fans of the game should not worry.

It is also worth noting that in order to bet on Fortnite esports, you must be of legal age. No need to risk your money and register at the bookmakers, thinking that they will make it easy for you to withdraw money. At one point, you will be asked for documents and the money will remain with the bookmaker.

Therefore, if you decide to bet on best Fortnite betting sites, then approach this business responsibly.

Fortnite Betting

Features of the genre, namely 100 individual participants or, for example, 25 squads on one map, limit the painting. As a rule, bookmakers accept bets only on the most famous participants in the battle. You can put on:

  • hit the top;
  • the number of frags made by the player (team);
  • comparison (who will be higher);
  • long-term bets on tournament winners.

Hitting the top means that the player or team will enter a certain number of survivors. For example, the top 10 means that the participant will be in the top ten survivors.

Fortnite is rarely found in bookmakers. Legal bookmakers completely ignore discipline. Bet on major Fortnite tournaments is offered by e-sports bookmakers, EGB, and others. But with such a pace of development, it is possible that Fortnite eSports bets will catch up with Dota 2 and CS: GO.

Fortnite Betting Sites

Fortnite esports. To date, very few bookmakers offer their customers to bet on fortnite. Basically, these are betting shops that directly specialize in e-sports betting. But since the bookmaker, whose interface is in Russian, is important to us, Fortnite betting site:, which is already known to many fans of eSports betting, is best suited here. Bet on Fortnight, you can also receive bonuses. Betting sites on Fortnite and Fortnite betting bonuses:

As at all initial stages, at first the bookmakers will be skeptical about the introduction of a new discipline line. After all, this requires not only certain financial investments, but also the search for specialists who understand fortnite.

If the interface language is not important for you, then there are several companies in the list of international bookmakers that also provide fortnite lines. However, before you start betting, be sure to check the reliability of the bookmaker. Do this with special resources and customer reviews.

It is also worth paying attention to the currency in which bets are accepted. Do not forget to find out the terms of withdrawal and commission when replenishing and withdrawing funds from a personal account, if any.

Tips. Fortnite Betting Predictions

As we have said, Fortnite is only gaining momentum as an independent e-sports discipline. Therefore, at the moment there are not many people and resources that make forecasts for this species.

The point here is not even that people are still poorly versed in the intricacies of discipline. It is also worth considering the factor that we talked about earlier – the unpopularity of bookmakers. Until the bookmakers permanently introduce acceptance of bets on Fortnite betting odds, sites specializing in free predictions are unlikely to develop this direction.

The same applies to the so-called experts. But this does not mean that now it is unrealistic to find forecasts on Fortnite. They are, just need to look. But even if you find it, then do not headlong to bet on these forecasts. First, you should follow the statistics. Suddenly at a distance they will be unprofitable, then you will lose your money.


Due to the narrow mural, betting in this game has limitations. This is especially true of the Live mode, where only the main outcomes are available. Therefore, experienced players recommend betting before the match. The best option is to choose total frags or long-term bets to win the tournament.

Putting it in Live mode is worth the discipline, because battles on the map sometimes go very dynamically – quickly updating the odds can be confusing for a beginner. A good advantage for the player will be the knowledge of famous gamers participating in the tournament. So you can more accurately predict the outcome of the match.

A significant drawback is the game limits – so far, Fortnight is only “gaining momentum” in the e-sports direction.

Bookmakers introduce restrictions, but it is possible that in the future the game may stand on a par with such popular disciplines as Counter-strike: Global offensive or Dota 2.

Bets on Fortnite attract the attention of many bettors – this is facilitated by the incredible popularity of the game itself and the “battle royale” genre as a whole. For this type of betting, the most important thing is to choose the right bookmaker office, which details the ongoing Fortnight tournaments.


Despite the fact that so far there are quite a few tournaments in such a discipline as Fortnite, it is still becoming more and more interesting for betting fans. A large role in this is played by the fact that you can bet not only on competitions, but also on ordinary games, which are even closer in spirit to ordinary players. Over time, Fortnite promises to become one of the most colorful, interesting and dynamic e-sports disciplines.

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