Hearthstone Betting Sites

Hearthstone Betting on the Game, which laid the foundation for the genre of computer card games in professional esports, tightly won its niche in the pro-scene and got its audience. She has only one competitor, and that only in the future is Gwent. However, it will still take him several months to start pulling any tangible part of the audience near the “hearth stone”.

Hearthstone Betting Sites

Difference Between Hearthstone Esports and Other Games

From other Hearthstone eSports disciplines, the game has a huge level of randomness and an element of luck for all the teams. Therefore, many do not consider Hearthstone for a full-fledged esports game. In part, they are right. But the game is strikingly different – simple and fun, requiring a certain level of understanding and thinking.

Where to Bet on Hearthstone?

Unlike the young Gwent’a, there is no problem with this discipline in choosing a place for bets – they are accepted by both classic sports bookmakers and specialized ones. The difference in the line is that in Hearthstone eSports bookmakers you can find Hearthstone in live bets. Below, you will find a list of bookmakers who accept bets on this discipline.

Hearthstone Betting Bonuses

Below we provide a complete list of the best Hearthstone betting sites providing impressive bonuses for betting on Hearthstone eSports. You can also read about the main types of bets. So feel free to pick the platform with the best Hearthstone betting bonuses.

On the Hearthstone betting websites, there are nine classes in the game – mage, paladin, hunter, warrior, shaman, robber, druid, priest, and warlock. The number of cards in the deck is fixed – 30. Also, the hero has 30 health units and has a unique ability. The game ends when one of the heroes falls to 0 health.

Frankly, thanks to the element of randomness, Hearthstone is not very popular with betting enthusiasts – you should not rely too much on luck.

Hearthstone Betting

Of course, a deep knowledge of Hearthstone betting sites and understanding of the game will reduce the influence of luck and chance on the outcome of the match, but the fact is that it is present in any case. Therefore, put on this discipline should be extremely careful. Matches are held in the best of 5 formats, and only:

  • The main outcome;
  • Handicap in batches;
  • Total parties.
  • Scanty, but you can’t imagine much with a card game.

What You Need to Know About Hearthstone Betting

Betting sites on Hearthstone continue to be one of the fastest-growing e-sports in the online gambling genre, bribing both casual game fans and competing professionals.

Having quickly become the most popular collectible card game (CCG), at the very initial levels, Hearthstone already included the design of specific decks on the central theme of classes from the company’s popular franchise – World of Warcraft. Each class has its own special style of play, with unique cards that are exclusive to a particular class (there is also a common deck of cards that each class can use). Mages have a huge number of cards with spells that cause direct damage, hunters have evil minions, priests have cards with spells aimed at healing and strengthening, and so on.

How to Play Hearthstone?

Cards can vary in rarity: common, rare, epic, and legendary and can be weapons, spells, or minions. At the beginning of each match, players draw 3-4 cards (the player who must go second each round starts with four cards) from the deck, in which there are only 30 cards. The ultimate goal for victory is simple – you need to burn 30 health points of a player of the opposing team before he can burn your points.

More advanced players need to build a deck with cards that can be combined to create destructive combos or used for counter-strategies. The flexibility of different strategies and popular cards from each deck is the current meta game. Cards can be obtained by buying them using the game gold currency or they are awarded for special achievements. Game gold currency can be obtained for completing daily tasks or it can be bought for real money.

Hearthstone Betting Sites

The Growing Popularity of Hearthstone

The most important feature of Hearthstone is that it is a free platform and even novice players can easily figure it out. Although from the very beginning it was conceived as a platform for a PC, a mobile version of this game has also recently been created. By giving players access to the game from anywhere, without being tied to a computer, Blizzard almost doubled its revenue from Hearthstone, earning a total of about $ 20 million.

Hearthstone Tournaments and Events

As Hearthstone’s popularity has grown, so has the demand for competitions in this game. Tournaments are local, regional and even international.

Fireside Gatherings are local tournaments organized by users, so, in fact, everyone can organize them too. All you need is at least eight players and a public meeting place (e.g. coffee shops, internet cafes, bookstores, university campuses, etc.).

The tournament organizer, who is responsible for hosting it, may obtain Blizzard’s consent and support for hosting an authorized Fireside Gathering event. The winners of such intermediate events can then participate in the qualification for the Fireside Gathering Championship. The authorized event must comply with the following format (which is known as the Conquest format):

  • All matches must take place in the “best of five” series (this means that the player who wins in three series wins)
  •  Each player must provide decks before the start of the next stage, and they must include three unique classes
  • With each deck of cards, a player can win only one game (after this deck is removed)
    Qualified winners of Blizzard-authorized Fireside Gathering events continue to battle each other in their region’s Fireside Gathering Qualification Championships.

The online tournament will be held in the same Conquest format as Fireside Gatherings, and the participants will be knocked out after the first loss.

The top four players from the qualifying tournament will move to the Fireside Gathering Championship. After the finalists from each region are determined, they will meet each other in the struggle for first place and the main prize of $ 2,500 (the prize for second place is $ 1,500, and for third and fourth places – $ 500 each). The same format (Conquest format) will be used in this competition. The winner also gets a place in the regional qualifying tournament, despite the rating.

Before the regional qualification tournament begins, the Last Call Tournament will be held. Any player who has received a deck of legendary cards (for achieving the rank of a legend in a rating game) has the right to participate in the Last Call tournament in the corresponding region.

The tournament uses the “Last Hero Standing” format (the “best of three” series), in which players are eliminated after the first loss. The player shows three classes and a deck associated with this class.

In the first match, decks of competing players are randomly selected. The winning player retains the deck from the first game, while the losing player must switch to one of the two remaining decks. The top 16 players from this tournament then go to the regional qualifying tournament and are eliminated in the 25-40 format based on the results.

The regional qualification consists of 40 players from each region who compete in the elimination format after two defeats. Players are screened out based on their 2015 Hearthstone scoring system.

The top 8 players who received the most points will be released from the first two rounds and will join the rest of the players in their region in a round of 16 people. The winner of the Fireside Gathering regional tournament will take part in the tournament 24th on the list (the place may be higher, depending on the number of points received). The remaining representatives of the tournament determine who will participate in the Last Call tournament.

After this, the tournament begins with the definition of regional representatives. Below is a list of the total number of participants by region that are eligible to participate in the regional championship.

• United States and Canada: 6 players

• China: 8 players

• Australia and New Zealand: 2 players

• Latin America: 2 players

• Taiwan: 2 players

• Southeast Asia: 1 player

• Europe: 8 players

• Korea: 2 players

• Japan: 1 player

Now that the elite players have risen to the top, it’s time to determine who will represent each region at the World Hearthstone Championships. The top four players from each region (America, China and the Asia Pacific) will compete in the group stage to determine who will play at BlizzCon.

Four players from each group will converge in the first round of the tournament. The top two players from each group will advance to round two and will automatically qualify for the Hearthstone World Cup.

This is the format in which the participant drops out after the first loss. The forefather of all tournaments, the Hearthstone World Cup, is annually held at Blizzard’s BlizzCon, on a large stage with a total prize pool of $ 250,000. In the first round of the tournament, four groups fight, each of which consists of four people.

The top two players from each group move into the second round. The second round involves eight players. The selection takes place on the principle of relegation after the first loss, that is, there are quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. They determine who will become the Hearthstone World Champion.

All matches are held in the format of the “best of five.” The winning deck is deleted, but the loser can use the same deck in future games.

Hearthstone Betting Sites

Hearthstone Real Money Betting

As with all popular eSports games, betting has become an attractive aspect for Hearthstone betting odds. The most common bet is a direct confrontation during Hearthstone tournaments. You can also bet on an offer, for example, which player will be the first to damage, which player will be the first to play the legendary card, cause the highest damage with one card, etc.

In addition, you can make traditional bets, for example, select a player before the tournament starts, which will win everything. Don’t want to bet with real money? No problem. Some Hearthstone eSports organizations, such as GosuGamers, offer the ValueBet feature. It allows players to place bets on matches using items from the Steam inventory (the estimated cost of each item is also shown there).

How to Get an Advantage by Betting on Hearthstone?

The better you understand the game, the higher the chances of success of your bets no matter how much you deposit. Knowing the current meta, the popular strategies that are currently being used, as well as the specific strengths of each class, you can significantly increase your chances of a successful bet. For example, if a player has all the control decks (usually a deck with game cards that appear in the later stages of the game, for example, a warrior, warlock, mage) and he plays against a player who has all the fast decks (as a rule, this is a deck of early aggression, that is, a hunter, Murloc, an outcast, etc.), the odds will be in favor of a player with a quick deck.

In order to be able to use this successfully, you should also carefully study individual players. You should know what game style they prefer, how they make game decisions and what level of their skills. A large number of competing players will follow the broadcast on Twitch, which is a first-class platform for studying different players.

Players can also benefit from individual resources, such as liquid hearth. Here you will find Hearthstone news, deck notes, live broadcasts, and upcoming events. A huge number of guides are also published here, starting with useful resources for beginner players, to information on advanced decks, and even articles on current trends on Hearthstone.

Unlike team-oriented games like League of Legends, Dota 2, or Smite, Hearthstone can be compared to the poker style of the game. Making decisions quickly and using a variety of strategies will ultimately determine the winner of the match.

In essence, Hearthstone comes down to numbers and probabilities. The most successful people who make bets first practice on individual players, their strengths and weaknesses, and also create a graph of the chances of their victory using one deck against other decks.

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