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Apex Legends – Released in 2019, the shooter quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community. The release of the game on the esports arena was also not long in coming, and now fans of Apex Legends are increasingly betting on matches. On Apex Legends betting website you will find the best forecasts and insights from players. Know the best Apex Legends betting sites.

Apex Legends Betting Description

As many already know, bookmakers have recently become actively interested in e-sports, including it in their lines. It is not surprising that the game, which has sharply gained popularity, has come to the attention of bookmakers. However, while the recognition of e-sports discipline Apex Legends is still far away.

The game has some points that make it postponed. For example, sometimes you may not hear how a character and other sound bugs run alongside you. There is also a small recoil of weapons, and the ultimate abilities of the heroes are not balanced. But if the recognition of Apex Legends happens, then surely bookmakers will give standard betting odds.

This includes the choice of the one to win the match, the duration of the game and who will make the first frag. It’s too early to talk about how extensive the Apex Legends line will be for bookmakers.

Apex Legends Betting Sites

Apex Legends Review

In February 2019, Electronic Arts launched its shooter, Apex Legends. The game quickly gained popularity around the world, breaking records for-profit and online players.

Apex Legends is made so that in one game, up to 20 teams can fight. Each team has three heroes. Using the method of simple mathematical operations, you can understand that at the same time a maximum of 60 players can be on one map. All players are given a choice of heroes from a common pool:

  • Bangalore
  • Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar
  • Caustic
  • Lifeline
  • Mirage
  • Pathfinder
  • Rafe

Heroes of Apex Legends

Naturally, each hero is unique in its own way and has certain abilities. However, when buying a “combat pass” in Apex Legends, you can open not only new heroes but also get various types of in-game items and skins. This will become one of the most effective strategies.

Apex Legends eSports

Despite the fact that the game very quickly gained popularity around the world, you will have to wait until it is recognized as an e-sports discipline. This is due to simple bugs in the game, which sometimes can affect the outcome of matches. However, you will never risk losing. For example, as many players have noted, in Apex Legends esports, sound effects sometimes work incorrectly, which in the same Counter-Strike help determine whether the enemy is close. There are also questions on the mechanics of recoil when shooting, and the ultimate abilities of the heroes are completely unbalanced.

According to available information, the developers of the game are already working on the elimination of all these bugs so that Apex Legends receives the status of an e-sports discipline.

Apex Legends Betting Sites

Where to Bet on Apex Legends?

Just 1.5 months after the game was released, EA announced the launch of the first combat season and issued a combat pass for gamers who want to take part in the battle. The first professional championship was named APEX.PRO League and was held in two regions: North America and Europe. These online matches consisted of several seasons a year, up to 20 teams took part in each of them. The bets on these Apex Legends matches are popular among eSports fans, and EGABET.CO is pleased to provide users with the opportunity to support their favorite players.

In addition to EA, tournaments are also supported by many popular eSports organizers. The first championship, organized by FACEIT, was held in May 2019. FACEIT Pro Series matches participated and competed for the main prize of 16 teams from around the world.

There are also many online tournaments held every season. For example, one of the professional Liquid Apex teams constantly holds its own online events and gives beginners the opportunity to show their gaming capabilities on the professional stage. That is why betting on Apex Legends is gaining popularity with every new tournament announced.

The Best Apex Legends Betting Sites

Given that while the game has not received the status of e-sports discipline, bookmakers are not in a hurry to open a line on Apex Legends betting. This is especially true for Russian bookmakers, who are skeptical about the game. But foreign bookmakers have already begun to set the stage for accepting bets betting sites on Apex Legends. They pushed them to this signing by well-known eSports organizations of Apex Legends rosters. So, they included: Cloud9, North, NRG eSports, Natus Vincere, Gambit Esports, Fnatic and many others. All this suggests that soon bets on Apex Legends will be accepted at bookmakers if Electronic Arts can solve all their problems on the game.

It is important to say that representatives of such bookmakers as ArcaneBet, Bet365, Betway Esports, Betspawn and Apex Legends betting site Pinnacle have already reported that players will soon be able to bet on Apex Legends betting.

Apex Legends betting bonuses with real money allow the one to get big. While on the betting sites, you can receive bonuses at bets on Apex Legends. Transition, place bets and find out more information.

Apex Legends Bet Types

Naturally, it’s too early to say what bookmakers can offer to fans of Apex Legends. Surely, the choice of bets on Apex Legends will be somewhat similar to bets on CS: GO. Now the bookmakers are actively working to collect statistics about the game in order to be able to provide players with the correct line on Apex Legends betting odds. Moreover, Electronic Arts has already announced a number of Apex Legends tournaments with large prize pools. All this should only speed up the process of integrating Apex Legends into bookmakers. The wait is not long.

Is Apex Legends Worthy of the Title of the Cyber Discipline?

Apex Legends was released on February 4, 2019, by the American company Electronic Arts. Apex is a shooter and battle royale game that combines survival mode and Last man standing. Groups of players of three in each battle on the same map, the maximum number of teams is 20, so up to 60 gamers can take part in one battle.

In Apex Legends, you can play for one of eight characters: Bangalore Bloodhound Gibraltar Caustic Lifeline Mirage Pathfinder Rafe. Each of them has unique abilities and fulfills its role on the battlefield. The game is completely free, but you can buy special “combat passes”, which open up new heroes, weapons and loot boxes with skins and in-game items.

To get the status of a cyber discipline, the game must meet certain requirements, in particular, have a good balance, a high level of complexity and variability. In general, Apex can claim the title of cyber discipline, however, the game has several flaws that need to be addressed:

Too low recoil when shooting. Monotonous gameplay. Cluttered interface. Incorrect sound effects (you may not hear the enemy, even if he runs two meters from you). The ultimate abilities of the characters are not balanced.

If the creators of Apex from Respawn Entertainment Studios manage to fix these flaws, then the game may well become a full-fledged cyber discipline and will attract the attention of the professional gaming community.

Apex Legends Betting Sites

Apex Legends Betting Bonuses & eSports

Esports fans love to deposit and bet on their favorite games, and this helps to warm up interest in them. You can check out the individual Apex Legends markets, but they are pretty meager compared to CS: GO, Dota 2, and Fortnite. Apex does not yet have large sponsors, star names and prestigious events.

However, the solo mode can change everything if it is released fully. Adding a duo mode might also be a great move. The format of the royal live battle is not ideal for e-sports because of the need for a dizzying number of angles, while many argue that dependence on randomness greatly reduces the competitive balance, but the Fortnite World Championship was actually a pleasant sight, and the screens showed a lot of skill games.

Apex Legends esports could expect similar success, and it could become even more popular than Fortnite. Many players believe that he is “more polished” than the leader in the market for royal battles. With the best shooter mechanics, map design and comprehensive gameplay. He is less chaotic and puts more emphasis on tactics and strategy, which could make Apex Legends esports more suitable for global e-sports.

Games like CS: GO, LoL, and Dota 2 have succeeded as eSports disciplines, and they require teamwork, but solo eSports is also growing in popularity. The Fortnite World Cup is one example, but the FIFA eWorld Cup is also huge. Adding a permanent solo mode would be another trump card in Apex Legends’ hand and could help Respawn cut off a larger chunk of the lucrative eSports market.

Apex Legends Game Bypassed Fortnite from Start

EA publisher announced the incredible popularity of the new Battle Royale game – Apex Legends. Early successes even surpassed the mega-popular Fortnite. According to the developers of this game, Respawn Entertainment, in the first 72 hours since the release, Apex Legends already has more than 10 million players. At the same time, 1 million players are present in it. Gaming market experts are impressed by these results, pointing out that Fortnite once took two weeks to achieve a similar number of participants.

Respawn Entertainment admitted that they did not expect such success from the start, and are very glad that many people liked the game. But experts urge not to rush to conclusions. The Battle Royale genre is now on the crest of popularity, and it is not surprising that the authors relied on it. But they have to compete with games such as PUBG and Fortnite. The first success may be explained by people’s interest in everything new, but the next few weeks will show whether Apex Legends really has a bright future.

What to Expect in 2023?

Summing up, it is worth recognizing that the year for Apex Legends turned out to be saturated and very difficult. After a stormy start, the game began a noticeable decline, which can be judged by the popularity of its Twitch section, but it can still compete with CS: GO and Dota 2, when there are no major tournaments in the disciplines from Valve. But the organizers of the game awards still appreciate Apex Legends. The Battle Royale won the Best Multiplayer nomination for The Game Awards 2019 and Golden Joystick Awards 2019 and also became the Best Online Game of the Year at D.I.C.E. Awards 2019.

According to the latest quarterly report by Electronic Arts, the number of registered users in Apex Legends has exceeded 70 million, and there are good chances that this figure will increase significantly in the future. Earlier, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said in a report to investors that Apex Legends will be a priority project for the company. In 2023, the developers plan to release a mobile version for iOS and Android, as well as adapt the “royal battle” for the next-generation consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The publisher’s plans are ambitious, and Respawn Entertainment seems to have learned not only to listen to users and maintain the pace for the production of new content but also set the stage for a full-fledged break into esports. Perhaps 2019 was just a test period in the upcoming long struggle Apex Legends for the championship in the genre?

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