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Many players around the world love exploring amazing maps in various games. It gives a feeling of visiting another awesome reality where you might become a hero. It takes a lot of will and brains actually to achieve astonishing results in some games.

There are ground rules within games, and a lot of amazing players are trying to learn everything to gain the best results. That’s why games are finally considered as sports, or more precisely, esports. Playing some amazing games is an awesome opportunity to have fun, and it requires using brains.

The best players in various games or teams of players have their own effective and up-to-date strategies that let them win each time they are enjoying the game. And the best thing about achieving great results in video games is that players can compete and receive massive rewards. Can you imagine? Some amazing gaming tournaments award the winners by giving them a massive pool of money. For example, some players get 1 million dollars per team for winning in a game.

You have fun, and you receive amazing rewards. Such outstanding events like championships and tournaments have attracted the attention of betting services. Now players, as well as simple gamblers, can enjoy betting by using esports betting sites.

Gambling is a fun way to earn a massive amount of money and to have fun. The amazing feeling of betting on a team and realizing – it is a winner, is one of the best things a person or player can feel. Esports betting in the USA is one of the ways to have fun. It is legal to bet in the US as long as the website is legal and has the license.

Games can be enjoyed by everyone – by players who create amazing strategies and win awesome rewards, and by clever gamblers who bet on the right teams. Today, several awesome games are included in the list of esports. You can find those games on USA esports betting websites. A great variety of esports gaming sites offer such an amazing opportunity.

There are several types of such gaming websites:

  • Sports websites – sportsbooks, which include traditional sports like football, basketball, boxing, etc.
  • Esports gaming sites – have only games in the betting range.
  • Traditional sports websites – offer sections with esports games.
  • Gaming esports websites – allow skin betting.

Most gaming US esports betting websites offer outstanding opportunities to bettors. Professionals or beginners in gaming or betting can win amazing rewards.

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The US Esports Betting: How To Choose Sites?

If people want to have fun, they use licensed gaming esports sites. The keyword in this sentence is “licensed”. It is an essential part of the success of a bettor. It also grants a high chance to win nice rewards. You can easily find a nice betting site where you can bet on games and favorite teams. As long as it has a license, you will be safe while using it.

But the license is only one of those important features; there are several others too. Here are some characteristics that indicate that the website you are using is safe and fair:

  • The gaming website has several options to bet on. For instance, it offers several games to bet on, and within the game, the site offers several betting options.
  • Various banking options. Some players and bettors prefer the easy way – using a credit or debit card, electronic wallets. Other players love using cryptocurrency. The more the betting website has options, the better.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Great gaming websites offer amazing bonuses for players to start gambling.
  • Certified software. Good quality software reduces the probability of lagging, bugs, and other errors while people are playing.
  • Great reputation. It is easy to find esports betting sites in the USA with a good reputation.

These characteristics grant that players gain amazing opportunities to bet. It is easy to use betting websites when you are betting on games. You choose a game, click on it. Then you see a range of betting options and gaming teams. You can see there are odds to whom might be a potential winner. Considering the odds or information you have about the players or teams, you might win amazing rewards.

It is easy to bet on games if you have chosen a good quality US esports betting website. Usually, you have enough statistical data within the sportsbook to make a decision. If you are a gamer or you follow how your favorite team is performing during the matches, it will be easy to make a betting decision. If you have only started betting on esports, you might check the statistics of the team you want to bet on. And the odds of each match make it even easier to decide who might be the potential winner.

The good quality esports betting sites offer the most convenient tools for bettors. Bettors choose how the odds should be depicted – as Decimal, Percentage, American. Bettors might click on the information button to see the dates of matches, what is the statistics of a team, who were the winners, etc. So if a bettor is using a good quality US esports betting sportsbook, this bettor won’t need to seek the needed information elsewhere. Everything will be shown on the website.

Peculiarities Of Esports Betting Sites In USA

Since games and championships or tournaments within those games are now officially called sports, betting is possible. Many game developers want their games to get to the list of esports since it gives popularity to the game, and thus the developers have huge profits. This is good since the developers of games are interested in a fair gaming environment, so betting on games is safe.

It is possible to bet in the States; there are US esports betting sportsbooks for the entertainment of users. They are fair and licensed, so it is safe to play. These sportsbooks grant wide ranges of betting for gamblers. Bettors might choose their favorite games and bet on the teams they think might win.

Betting on esports on US esports betting sites is similar to betting on traditional sports. To win nice rewards, the gambler is analyzing the history of the team he wants to bet on. It is essential to include the statistics in the betting process since that way; you gain higher chances to win. And most esports betting sites in the USA offer this data for the convenience of the US bettors.

List Of US Esports Betting Sites

Good quality US esports betting sites offer a safe environment for bettors. The sportsbooks mentioned below are of mixed types – they offer traditional and esports betting. The best thing about these sportsbooks is safety. These sportsbooks are popular, with good quality software, so they are safe to bet. Plus, there are higher chances to win awesome rewards because of the huge pool of money the bettors invest into the betting process.


Bovada might be the best sportsbook in the US. It is also included in the list of the best US esports betting sites since the sportsbook covers tons of various matches. Such good quality of offered options grants the best betting experience to the bettors. If a gambler has a favorite team, he can easily find it in the list of betting options.

Bovada has an intuitive interface, and it is easy to find the esports category. Bettors choose from the range of available games, seek their favorite teams, and make a bet on the basis of the presented statistical data. The sportsbook is easy to use.

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Another great option to use is BetOnline. It is considered as one of the best esports betting sites since it offers a great variety of options. Most sportsbooks with traditional betting options have two or three games with several matches, while BetOnline has a lot more betting options.

BetOnline is known for its great bonuses. The loyalty program for new and existing gamblers is an amazing way to bet free of risk and win awesome rewards. Creating an account, making the very first deposit, or inviting a friend – these and more similar actions grant amazing rewards and bonuses. And another great thing about BetOnline is its quick payouts feature.

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Previously mentioned, sportsbooks are mostly focused on traditional gambling. They offer a great range of games to wager, but such sportsbooks as Rivalry offer more. Rivalry is focused on gaming and betting on games. The website has one of the biggest ranges of esports to wager. The most popular – Dota 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Overwatch, as well as less known games. It has everything a bettor needs, including the Academy.

The Academy can teach you amazing tricks to wager successfully. The information added to the blog is divided into blocks depending on the skills of a bettor. Even professional wagerers might find something interesting. There is a bonus for wagerers who are using the website for the first time.

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GT Bets

When it comes to American football betting, GT Bets might be one of the first options coming into mind. But football betting is not everything the website is offering. The sportsbook has a surprisingly wide range of esports betting options.

GT Bets is favored by gamblers because of the simple design. The simple interface allows players to directly reach the category they want. It is easy to use the site, wagerers click on the categories and find the games they want to bet on. The esports range is pretty big, and the bonuses from using GT Bets are amazing.

GT Bets main page


Live betting, traditional gambling, esports – the range of options you find on the SportsBetting platform. It offers a good range of esports, so wagerers choose their favorite options. The site is safe and belongs to a big bookmaker family. It is licensed and offers lots of awesome perks – bonuses, discounts, and other amazing options. The payouts are easy and quick, betting is fun, and it is easy to use the website.

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Best Esports Betting Websites

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CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Call of Duty
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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Overwatch Fortnite Rocket League Hearthstone
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