Warcraft Betting Sites: Everything You Need to Know

World of Warcraft or shortly WOW is one of the most popular MMORPG. For more than fifteen years, it delivers a wonderful experience to players around the world. WOW allows us to create a large number of characters, which will have totally different skills and abilities. By leveling up people, create clans and alliances to fight over the territory sectors. Player versus player matches has become so popular that the online gambling industry started to bet on them.

As a result, plenty of websites have included World of Warcraft into the esports. Every year sponsors organize competitions and championships. WOW tournaments are major events on almost every betting website. However, not all betting sites on World of Warcraft provide good service. We have prepared some useful information, which can help you to define whether the service is good for you or not. In addition, we made a list of the best World of Warcraft betting sites according to our investigation. Each of them has peculiarities that may be convenient for you.

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Peculiarities Of World Of Warcraft Betting Bonuses

Every WOW betting site tries to attract as much as possible internet users. Thus, they implement various bonus programs that may boost your experience and help to win even more. Speaking about World of Warcraft betting bonuses, they can be different.

Welcome Bonuses

While planning about signing up at World of Warcraft betting website, you may be sure to receive a possibility to get additional funds on your first. Quite often, they do not exceed 100% of your sum and have a maximum limit. Thus, you may double the number of funds you deposit to use for WOW betting.

Repeatable Bonuses

It often happens that people do WOW betting and only for a short time, as they do not receive any bonuses further. Repeatable bonuses may be received every month, once per week, on a specific weekday, after deposit, etc. It allows World of Warcraft betting sites to keep members for a longer time.

Loyalty Bonuses

Some people like to use WOW betting services with loyalty programs due to several reasons. These bonuses allow you to improve your rank by betting. The more points you receive, the better your rank becomes. Ranks influence on the bonuses you receive while betting on WOW or and other matches. In addition, each month, there may be additional promotions.

Tips On Choosing World Of Warcraft Website

On the internet, you will find plenty of World of Warcraft betting sites. That is why you should know how to choose among them high-quality services. Here are some helpful tips.

Overall Design

Some people consider that design does not actually influence the WOW betting process. However, it actually influences whether people will join the betting website at all. Moreover, navigation and user interface may be more efficient when the design is well done.

Available Esports Events To Bet On

Each online gambling platform offers a great variety of esports, including World of Warcraft. All of them have different competitions, championships, and tournaments. If you plan to enjoy making bets on WOW esports, the service should have enough events and matches. Only then, you actually will have reasons to use such a website.

Testimonial & Reputation

Each website service has a reputation on the internet. It develops with customer experience. If there are too much negative feedbacks on WOW esports, then it wise to search another one. The betting website also should not have only positive reviews as it is very difficult to satisfy each customer. Thus, a combination of positive and negative reviews is what you should look up to.

Another part of World of Warcraft esports betting website reputation comes from the auditor or licensor. In online gambling, industry services have to be checked by third parties. Therefore, if a website is verified by a famous company, people trust it more.

Withdrawal & Deposit Methods

In online gambling, it is not possible to avoid deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the method you are planning to use, there can be additional fees. Some World of Warcraft esports services ready to pay these fees for you, which allows you to receive all funds. Therefore, it is better to check payment methods in advance.

Privacy & Safety

Every service where you bet on WOW esports has a different attitude to anonymity. During the registration, some of them may ask you only for a nickname and email, while others will need complete information on you, including home address. Such information will not be displayed on the website, so other members will not be able to see. As gambling is prohibited for internet users below the legal age, some websites require you to send ID documents for identity verification.

Importance Of Customer Support Availability

Online gambling is not always that easy and simple as it may seem. If you have some issues with World of Warcraft betting odds, there should be possibilities to get in touch with the customer support department. Not every service readily provides a phone number and live support chat with email requests are more common.

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World Of Warcraft Betting Websites To Consider

World of Warcraft is a wonderful game with a large number of fans. Many services can provide their matches to bet on. However, to help you with this, we have prepared several options to review.


In case you are trying to find a reliable service with a long history of existence, then Betway may be the option you need. It has a convenient design that allows you to easily all the available World of Warcraft matches and tournaments to bet on with a search tool. In addition, webpages are not overloaded with tons of features and buttons, and you can clearly see all bet options of the match. It is necessary to mention that Betway has become popular due to a great number of available languages:

  • Danish
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Sweden

Bonuses & Promotions

Every newcomer is able to use a welcome bonus not only on World of Warcraft esports but on other bets too. However, a welcome bonus has to be claimed within u days after the registration. It allows users to receive up to $30 on their first deposit. Other promotions are available for one-time use. In addition, Betway periodically renews them, and even veterans can enjoy bonuses.

Customer Support Department

If you have questions on World of Warcraft esports customer support department is available 24/7. You can get in touch with its representatives in different ways. As calling by phone is not available, live chat is more convenient. For non-urgent matter, you can fill in a request form and send it via an email. Alternatively, Betway has an extensive FAQ section, where are tons of instructions and answers.

Withdrawal & Deposit Methods

Payment options are not so impressive on Betway if to compare with other similar websites. Depending on the country, not each of them is available. In such a case, you are able to use direct bank transfers. However, these options may have some additional fees as for withdrawal after winning on World of Warcraft bets; you may need to wait some time before your request will be accomplished.


  • Live streams allow for spectating World of Warcraft matches in good quality;
  • You may get a mobile application directly from the website;
  • Gambling Commission in Great Britain has licensed it.


  • You cannot get in touch with the customer support department via phone;
  • Its payment options list is very short;
  • Not all website features are available on the mobile app.


In order to make a winning bet on the WOW match, you need to know a lot about players and esports specifics. 22Bet is simple to use service, which allows you to spectate matches live to learn more about players and teams. The general design is a bit cluttered with buttons and information. However, if to spend more time, you will get used to it, and even you will be able to use that information for your advantage.

In case you would like to make bets on World of Warcraft without staying all the time in front of your computer, then you should get a mobile application. It contains all the same features as the website does. Moreover, it is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

Bonuses & Promotions

After joining 22Bet, you are able to use a welcome bonus, which you need to claim within one month. After gaining promotions, you should not worry about others. 22Bet has several repeatable promotions that you are able to claim on a certain day of a week.

Customer Support Department

Sometimes it happens that you need to ask for help. 22bet has taken care of various options on how you can solve your problems with World of Warcraft gambling. In the beginning, you can FAQ section. It contains all the common questions and solutions with instructions. If that is not enough and it is not an urgent but serious matter, then sending an email request with all details can be beneficial. For quick answers on other questions, live support chat can help you. You will get in touch with a service representative, which can answer all questions and provide instructions. Finally, in case of very vulnerable and important cases, 22Bet has a phone number, which you are free to use.

Withdrawal & Deposit Methods

Payment methods are also important; they determine whether you will deposit money directly via bank or use eWallets. After winning bets on World of Warcraft, you may want to withdraw your winnings. Available options depend on the country you reside in. In addition, you should not worry about additional fees as 22Bet pays them for you, but it depends on the option you choose.


  • You will find a large number of competitive videogames beside World of Warcraft
  • The customer support department is available 24/7
  • Promotions that repeats provide constant boosting.


  • PayPal is forbidden to a large number of countries;
  • The mobile application is not from App Store or Play Market;
  • The overall design is less convenient, which makes it not easy to find what you need.

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The website design plays an important role in whether people would like to sign up or not. Loot.bet is an attractive service with plenty of different World of Warcraft betting possibilities. Besides standard features, it has PVP, which allows you to bet on the action that the player needs to accomplish within a time frame in the match. It is a live feature that needs you to watch the stream and compete with other website members who consider that action will not be done. However, it is not available in all WOW matches.

Bonuses & Promotions

Welcome bonuses are great boosts when you plan to bet on World of Warcraft. At Loot.bet, all newcomers are eligible to 100% of their initial deposit as a bonus with a limit of 100 euros. To get this promotion, you have 180 days from the registration.

Customer Support Department

Speaking about the customer support department, it is 24/7. It can be reached in different ways like live chat, phone number, and email. If you just want to instruction, you should check the FAQ section.

Withdrawal & Deposit Methods

If you would like to enjoy making bets on WOW, matches may encounter some difficulties with payment options. Their number is not very large what forces users to use methods that are not always convenient. In addition, there are no withdrawal commissions if you wager the deposit one time. Otherwise, the website will deduct an 8% fee with a minimum sum of 4 euro. From another side, if you are a cryptocurrency owner, you will be able to bet with digital money like Ethereum and Bitcoin.


  • Website is available in different languages;
  • Possibility to use Bitcoins to bet on esports.


  • FAQ section is short and without a search tool;
  • The welcome bonus is quite small.

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