Smite Betting Sites: Everything You Need To Know

Among various esports to bet on, Smite has become quite popular. Smite belongs to MOBA games, which means a multiplayer online battle arena. Players select various characters to control, makeup teams and compete. Smite esports have become very popular due to the large variety of player versus player modes. Moreover, Smite tournaments allow participants to win wonderful prizes, including a million dollars in Smite World Competition.

As a result, a lot of Smite betting sites started to appear in the online gambling industry. If you are also excited about betting on Smite service, you will start to search for an appropriate website. However, not all betting sites on Smite are of good quality. That is why it is better to know what features of the service you may encounter and what their quality should be. With such tips, it will be easier to decide whether you want to use a certain Smite betting site or not. Additionally, you will find several websites to consider.


Types Of Smite Betting Bonuses On Websites

Online betting cannot happen without money invests. Due to gambling systems, people lose more often than win. However, Smite betting with other esports requires more knowledge and calculation than luck. Still, people are less excited about spending money, unless there are some benefits. That is why betting sites on Smite often offer various bonuses and promotions. They are wonderful boosts that help to feel encouraged with gambling. As every website is different, you should be careful about polices towards Smite betting bonuses. They are very different what may not always be beneficial.

Welcome Bonuses

The most common is a welcome bonus. It is oriented on newcomers who just joined or plan to join a Smite betting site. Together with the first deposit, members receive a 100% bonus of the sum. It actually sounds great; however, there are always limitations. Thus, a welcome bonus may not be that high as you expect.

Repeatable Bonuses

In most cases, people join services to bet not only for one Smite esports match, tournament, or event. It means that website members should not get bored after many days on the platform. Repeatable promotions help to create some kind of schedule when it is better to visit the Smite betting website. Such bonuses may be available on the first day of the month, week, or other variants. It is not always beneficial as Smite esports championships may not coincide with the repeatable promotions.

VIP Membership

Sometimes online betting websites divide members into different categories. By paying additionally, users join the VIP club. It grants extra benefits like free bonuses, spins, bets, possibility to get in touch with the customer support department 24/7 by phone. Depending on the service, you may receive various advantages in Smite betting.

Loyalty Programs

Another option to keep users on a specific Smite betting website is to develop a loyalty program. The more members bet, the higher their rank or level becomes. Each stage may give additional bonuses on deposits and winnings. Such promotion is good for those people who plan to continue betting for many months or even years.

Personal Bonuses

Some betting services do not have general bonuses. They send promotions directly to emails of members. In such a way, they motivate people to stay subscribed to notifications. It is not always as good as it may seem. You cannot control it, which obliges you to wait for another bonus to receive.

Important Features Of Smite Betting Websites

Every website with possibilities to bet on esports has specific features. However, even the best Smite betting sites may not have all of the parts of the service on the highest level. In most cases, you do not have to register on the website if you simply want to review it. That is why you should know what features to check. Depending on their quality, you may decide whether to use it or not.

Design & Convenience

The very first thing that every website visitor encounter is the design. To some people, it does not matter, as you just enjoy Smite betting. However, the design includes not only the background wallpapers but also user interface, buttons, accessibility of features, and how easy to find everything is needed. Some pages are overloaded with tons of information and buttons, which only confuses visitors.

Many services try to bring as many new users as possible. It directly depends on how much people may use it. Thus, the website provides several languages. It allows people from various countries to join the platform and enjoy betting on Smite.

The convenience of the Smite esports website may be delivered by different means. The search tool becomes very helpful in sections life FAQ, esports, sports, games, and other places where are many pages. It greatly saves your time. In addition, users are glad to have possibilities to watch live streams of their favorite Smite esports matches.

Sometimes users do not spend a lot of time on websites to bet on Smite because it takes much time to sit in front of a computer. In case you also share this opinion, the availability of mobile applications is essential to you.

smite gameplay

Payment Methods

By using websites with Smite and other esports to bet on matches, the number of payment methods people can use is essential. In every country, they are different. Thus, to be available to a large number of members there should be suitable for you. Sometimes there may be cryptocurrencies available. Transfers with them are faster and do not require personal information, which allows you to keep your identity hidden.

Another part of the transfers is additional fees. While making deposits or withdrawing money, you definitely would like to receive a complete sum. Thus, whether the betting website with Smite and other esports pays them for you or not, may influence your decision.

Reputation & Testimonials

Nobody wants to use a website with a poor reputation. That is why it is recommended to check reviews and testimonials on the service you are going to use. You should remember, that totally positive Smite betting sites do not exist. It is better when some platform has some negative and more positive feedbacks.

The reputation of the service often depends on the auditor company. In the online gambling industry, it is very important for websites to be checked and approved by third parties. Thus, the reputation of the licensor can be decisive.

Privacy & Security

Safety on the internet is a tough question. Many websites try to implement various technologies to protect their members. The same goes for batting on Smite platforms. If they care about users, they will do everything that is needed. Therefore, some websites ask members to verify identity as betting below the legal age is prohibited. Privacy is also important. Some services ask only usernames, which can be anything, and you do not have to expose information about yourself. However, as you make deposits, your personal information will revel to the platform where you bet on Smite matches. Only using cryptocurrencies can completely hide your identity and allow you to bet online anonymously.

Accessibility Of Customer Support

Even at high-quality websites, different issues can office wile betting on Smite events. In such a case, there should be possibilities to solve them. FAQ section should have a search tool. It greatly helps, as you do not check every question to find the need information. Live support chats should be available 24/7, as not all questions can be covered in the FAQ. Moreover, it is a fast way to receive assistance on Smite betting odds. Urgent issues require quick solutions, which can be achieved by phone. However, not every website with Smite esports provides it to users.

Bet On Smite Esports Services To Consider

Form the very start; you will be pleased to see a nice website with Smite betting. The design looks simple, but it is done in high quality. You can easily find everything you need. Moreover, the search tool can easily show you all available at the moment Smite matches. All important buttons and features are displayed on the menu in the top part of the page. In addition, live streams are common here. They allow us to enjoy Smite matches in high quality.

Promotion & Bonuses

After joining the service, you are eligible to receive a welcome bonus of 100% on your first deposit. The minimum sum needed is 10 euros. The maximum amount of money that you can receive is 100 euros. It can be any other currency or even crypto, just a proper equivalent. Then you need to claim bonus money in 30 days after the initial deposit, what can be done with Smite betting. You can also find other promotions to receive bonus money. Each of them has requirements, which you need to accomplish in order to claim funds.

Payment Options

On, you will find various payment options. The minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal is 5 euros. Money transfer may take up to 5 working days, but in general, it depends on the payment option you use. As for additional fees, it varies from payment methods and country where you reside. Therefore, it is better to ask the customer support department if you plan to bet on Smite esports at

Customer Support Department

In case you need to get assistance, is quite limited on available options. While visiting the FAQ page, you will not find a lot of instructions that may be useful for Smite esports. Thus, you will need to get in touch with the customer support department. It can be done via email, which requires some time in order to receive a full response. Alternatively, there is a live support chat, which is available 24/7. Unfortunately, there is no phone number to call them directly.


  • Possibility to use popular cryptocurrencies;
  • Simple and intuitive user interface;
  • Quick registration process.


  • The FAQ page is small and does not have solutions to a lot of popular issues;
  • To claim bonuses, users have to accomplish requirements, which are not simple.

Sometimes it is wise to use Smite esports betting service, which is specifically oriented on esports. In such a case, you should check It is not a standard betting platform. The sign-up procedure is very simple and fast. After joining, you easily will find available Smite esports matches to bet on. Moreover, with live streams, you are able to spectate all the events you want. is available in 12 languages. In addition, there is a mobile application that can be installed on Android and Apple smartphones. Together with betting, you may spend your winnings in Shop. It has various cool devices and gadgets.

Promotions & Bonuses

Online betting on Smite esports should not be boring. That is what you can expect from It constantly renews the bonuses. If you take a lot at the Promotions page, you will find a long list of bonuses that you can use. Each of them has its own rules that you have to follow. If you have a friend who likes Smite esports betting, you should make a referral. It will allow you to receive bonuses when your friend deposits money or wins. In case you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with a customer support department.

smite wallpaper

Payment Methods

At, you will not have trouble with depositing or withdrawing money. It has a great variety of options. Depending on the method you choose, it may take form 1 to 7 working days. Moreover, all of them have requires to allowed minimum and maximum sum. Therefore, it is better to check it in advance.

Customer Support Department

In case you need some instructions to solve an issue, the FAQ section may help you with it. It contains a large number of answers, valuable information, and guides. With the search tool, you will easily find what you need with keywords. Alternatively, you can use a 24/7 support chat or send an email.


  • Convenient and simple to use website design;
  • Large variate of esports beside Smite esports.


  • There is no phone number to call;
  • Promotions requirements are difficult to accomplish.

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