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Football or soccer is a favorite sport and esport of people around the globe. Almost everyone at least tried playing it in childhood. When grant championships occur, people simply cannot miss them. With the development of video games, people started to play FIFA. For many years it has been developing and improving. Now FIFA esports is very popular.

Due to a large number of different competitions, FIFA betting has become more common. Many services started to offer to bet on FIFA, and on the internet, there are plenty of such websites. As it may be not that online easy to choose one of them, you will find information that will help you to make a decision on a FIFA betting site. In addition, you will be able to check reviews of some of them.

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What Is So Special About FIFA Betting Bonuses?

In most cases, online betting websites try to encourage their visitor to join and continue playing. To do so, they offer different promotions and bonuses. By using them, you receive a wonderful boost for winning. FIFA betting bonuses may be different. Many of them allow you to partly use the bonus money to bet.

Nevertheless, it is not always very easy to use. In order to get a bonus to bet on FIFA and other esports, you have to accomplish requirements. At each website, the bonus policy is different, which may need you to match proper wagers with FIFA betting odds.

Some promotions you are able to use only one time, while others may be repeatable. Depending on the service, you may encounter loyalty programs due to which it is possible to receive benefits for your FIFA betting.

What To Pay Attention To While Selecting FIFA Esports Betting Website

On the internet, you may find plenty of FIFA betting sites, but not each of them of good quality. Thus, you should know how to define whether it is good for you or not. Here are several points that you should pay attention to.

Design & Convenience

The very first thing, which you can see of the FIFA betting website is design. It not that important when you place bets on FIFA, but it influences your decision whether to join service or not. In most cases, platforms care about this part of service and try to make an appealing design, which may bring pleasure when you visit it. Its quality also displays attitude to visitors.

Some platform cares less about design and focuses just on FIFA betting, which may be good. However, a cheap outlook may even prevent people from joining the service as it looks like a fraud. Another part of website design is the convenience of use. You definitely do not want to bother yourself with difficulties in finding all that you need for FIFA betting. It should be simple to navigate with easy access to all features.

Quantity of Competitions, Tournaments & Matches

It is obvious that FIFA betting requires the website to be in touch with as many FIFA tournaments as possible. Quite often, websites focus their attention on other esports, which makes FIFA have fewer options to bet on as not every platform obliges you to join it in order to review available FIFA matches. Therefore, you should consider signing up only if you are satisfied with this point, as you actually will be able to make bets on FIFA esports.

Payment Methods

While using betting sites on FIFA and other esports, you plan to win some money. Thus, payment methods are quite important as they may define how long the withdrawal time will be and whether you need to pay additional fees or not. It is common that high-quality websites provide deposit and withdrawal options without any additional fees. Therefore, you can receive all winnings you have.

In recent years cryptocurrencies have started to be used in betting service. A great number of people have them, and it is better that you may use them. Withdrawal terms for cryptocurrency are very short, which allows them to receive winnings within a couple of minutes or hours. However, the minimum amount of cryptocurrency you need to use can be quite hight what makes it more expensive for betting.

Reputation & Testimonials

Whether you can trust the FIFA esports website or not, that is what you should define for yourself before investing money. Every betting website has a reputation and feedbacks from customers. It makes it very difficult for scammers and fraud platforms exist for too long. Additionally, it often happens that FIFA betting services buy testimonials from companies who write them. Therefore if some betting service has only positive feedback from people, there are not so many chances that the website is really so good.

In addition, online betting platforms for FIFA and other esports betting has to be licensed. There are plenty of companies that perform an audition, and each of them has its fame. Thus, people are more ready to trust a new online FIFA esports betting service with a license from the company they know. It is recommended to check the reputation of the licensing company in order to be completely sure of the quality of the betting service.

Privacy & Security

Betting is not something that society positively accepts. Therefore, people do not always want to expose such a hobby. Keeping personal information and identity in secret is a serious question. In most cases, what you want to join some service to make bets on FIFA, you do not have to indicate your full name. You just enter a nickname that you want, which is going to be displayed on the website.

The management team is interested in your security. They receive your personal data when you are making deposits; you indicate all needed credentials to accomplish a transfer. Thus, it is a website’s responsibility to protect such valuable data. Additionally, they may ask you to provide some ID in order to ensure that you are of legal age.

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FIFA Esports Betting Websites

The online betting industry is greatly developed, and there are uncountable amounts of websites. Therefore, it is not very easy to find the best FIFA betting sites for yourself. It may take a great part of your time just to find and review them. To help you with this task, we have prepared several online betting platforms, which you should consider for FIFA betting.

FIFA belongs to esports and sports simultaneously, which makes it obvious that the betting platform will have both of them. is a place where you may not only bet on FIFA but also watch live streams of matches. If you are not just like betting but also a great football fancier, you can enjoy watching favorite players compete in high-quality streams.

This betting service is oriented on FIFA, and another esports website is legal. Its headquarters are located in Cyprus. Moreover, Invicta Networks license it. This company has many years in the sphere of monitoring and evaluation. With large experience, it audits various services and companies.

Speaking about the website design, it is a bit clumsy. A lot of buttons and features are available to you; what may somewhat confusing. However, you should just review it without a hurry, and you will find all information you need to make bets on FIFA.

In case you have some additional questions, and there are no answers in the FAQ section, customer support is always there to help you. Live support chat is available 24/7, and you can get in touch with a website representative even if you have not joined the platform.


  • Friendly and easily accessible customer support department;
  • Plenty of different sports, games, and esports, including FIFA;
  • Simple and time-efficient registration procedure.


  • It does not have a large number of different FIFA betting promotions and other esports;
  • List of payment methods is not impressive;
  • Bonuses and promotions require wagering for claiming.

The convenience of the website often plays a large role in whether people join it or not. There are always newcomers who are interested in FIFA, and they would like to find a simple to use betting service. If website pages are overloaded with buttons, information, features, etc. newbies in online betting may simply leave. However, with, it will not happen. Esports are separated, and when you click FIFA, you will get only its matches with possible bets, dates, and the possibility to watch live.

By joining a wonderful, you receive a welcome bonus, which is 100% of your deposit up to 100 euros. In order to fully get them, you need to accomplish certain requirements within 180 days from the payment date. It includes making ten bets on FIFA or other games with the full amount of the bonus and standard deposit.

If you have some questions about placing a bet on FIFA and other esports matches, you will not find trouble to get in touch with a customer support department. This service does not try to avoid calls or messages from customers. In the bottom part of the webpages, you can find a phone number, which you can use 24/7. It is recommended not to use it unless you have an emergency. Live chat is more convenient as it allows us to receive instructions and need links to solve an issue or learn some information.


  • Among payment methods you can use various cryptocurrencies;
  • Additional chances to win better prizes every week;
  • The website can be switched to a large number of different languages.


  • It does not have plenty of various bet types;
  • The FAQ section does not have a large number of instructions;
  • The welcome bonus is not very beneficial and large.


Simple does not always mean poor quality. Bovada is a wonderful service, which is oriented to be convenient for a large audience. Thus, you will not encounter a very overloaded design. Instead, it is intuitive. You without problems can find everything you need to make bets on FIFA.

It somewhat lacks languages and English speaking users; thus, you will not have problems with using it. With a great choice variety of payment and withdrawal methods, you do not need to worry about what kind of bank you are using. In addition, you can place bets on FIFA matches using cryptocurrencies.

Another pleasant part of Bovda is bonuses. Newcomers are able to receive a wonderful bonus on their first three deposits, which may be in total up to $3000. If you want to claim bonus money, you need to accomplish certain steps. Together with other promotions, you can find on the website instructions of what you need to do.


  • To place bets, you do not have to spend all your money, as limits are low;
  • A large list of esports, casino and other games besides FIFA;
  • Friendly and effective customer support team.


  • Odds are not always very good in comparison to other websites;
  • It is not available in other popular languages.

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Betting is different than gambling, as, despite luck, you need to have knowledge about the game you are betting on. FIFA is a very popular sport and esports. There are plenty of players and teams, which results in a large number of different matches. 22bet has collected a large amount of them. This service offers large possibilities to watch your favorite matches live in good quality.

Online betting also should be convenient. The website of 22bet service may seem like a bit overloaded with different options. Thus, you can always try a mobile application. It is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. All the features the website has been available in that app.

Another wonderful side of this betting service is that you are not limited to payment methods. 22bet has collected plenty of them. You can easily use whatever you want and do not worry about additional fees. As for withdrawal time, 22bet claim to be instant, what is only if there are no issues. Otherwise, within a day, you should receive them.


  • A large list of esports, sports, slots, casino, and other entertainment opportunities;
  • Friendly and helpful customer support department.


  • You cannot use PayPal to deposit and withdraw money;
  • The mobile application is not from the App Store or Play Market.

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