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H1Z1 – Game Review

H1Z1 was initially destined for success. The tendencies of the obsession of the world community with the ideas of the zombie apocalypse at the time of the game’s release reached record values. Demand always creates supply – many projects of a similar theme were developed in parallel, while countless mod developers decorated every game with zombie modes.

If you think about it, few other settings are so strongly associated with the idea of ​​survival. The adventures of survivors are the main feature of every self-respecting zombie setting and a feature that defines this very setting in many ways and forms it. The second viral trend at the time of the release of H1Z1 in the gaming industry was cooperative survival, such as Rust, Forest, Ark, and dozens of others.

However, despite the countless number of survival-horrors in almost any setting, from the Pole’s snowy plains to the wild jungle inhabited by cannibals, the zombie apocalypse was practically empty. Apart from DayZ, a crude and poorly implemented mod for Arma, which later acquired an independent project’s status, there were practically no competitors.

The developers of H1Z1, feeling the need to release the project as soon as possible, decided to launch the game in Early Access. The funniest thing about this top is that the project retains its early access status to this day. Initially, there were two main directions of development of H1Z1 – classic survival-horror and the growing popularity of “battle royale.”

H1Z1, at the time of release, turned out to be a raw, unfinished, and frankly empty game with a very limited amount of content. As interest in shooting zombies in the community waned, H1Z1 was relentlessly losing its popularity. At some point, the project’s server parts were turned off, which actually became the multiplayer product’s death date.

The “battle royal”, which by that time had become a full-fledged independent product (of course, also in the public domain until now), is doing a little better. However, nowadays, there are many to assert with confidence that the H1Z1 did not succeed in achieving world success.

It has remained a strange game, not for everyone with very limited capabilities – most of the high-profile promises of developers have quietly evaporated along with promising roadmaps for the service’s long-term development. H1Z1 Battle Royale still feels relatively good but has a fairly limited audience. Most battle royals play Fortnite or Apex serenely, well, if at all, suspecting the existence of a competitor in the form of H1Z1.

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H1Z1 Esports

As for H1Z1 esports, things are not much better here than with the game itself. At a certain stage in the project’s development, ambitious plans were to turn H1Z1 into a full-fledged e-sports discipline with world H1Z1 tournaments and impressive prize pools. However, as is often the case, something went very wrong. The game’s initial good sales helped organize and launch the first esports league in H1Z1, but the first problems appeared almost immediately.

It soon became apparent that H1Z1 esports were doomed. The first league officially ceased to exist six months after the start of the first season – and it was closed in connection with a scandal, during which the ruined association refused to pay salaries to professional cyber sportsmen.

All this brings us to the realization of the fact that if you are looking for opportunities to bet on H1Z1 esports in this guide, then perhaps it makes sense for you to think about changing the direction of betting. But do not rush to despair – not everything is so bad. There isn’t a single known H1Z1 esports tournament out there right now, but you can use items from your in-game inventory as a deposit on H1Z1 betting sites. How to do it – read on.

H1Z1 Betting Sites

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H1Z1 Betting

However, you can use the H1Z1 in-game items as a deposit for your bet. Many skin betting sites offer to use items from various games as a cash deposit – Dota2, TF2, CSGO, and many others. H1Z1 is not as popular as a skin-betting game, but it has excellent support on some platforms. All you have to do is link your Steam account using an external trade link and choose which items can be used as a deposit. The deposit can be spent on betting on eSports events in other disciplines or playing in a variety of online casino modes.

H1Z1 Roullete

This mode is a classic casino roulette, but skins from your favorite game are used instead of money. You can bet on red, black, or zero. Some roulettes offer additional odd or even betting options, sometimes on a specific number as well. The lower the probability of success, the higher the multiplication factor of your bet.

H1Z1 Crash

The crash is a precarious and dangerous gaming mode, the origin of which unmistakably refers to trading on the stock exchange. The winning multiplier is constantly growing – and when exactly to withdraw money depends only on you. But remember – the longer you delay, the higher the chance of the H1Z1 betting odds collapse, after which the bet expires. In this mode, an adequate speed of the H1Z1 betting site’s live update is especially important.

H1Z1 Coinflip

This mode is a kind of commercial duel in which each participant has an approximately fifty percent chance of winning—one winner, one loser – and, of course, a small commission for the bookmaker.

H1Z1 Poker

Online poker with traditional rules, in which your in-game items play instead of a bet. It’s a great way to practice your poker skills relatively painlessly before venturing into the really serious arena with the pros. Betting services offer a really huge number of very different modes – and most of them you can play at any time with your H1Z1 skins.

H1Z1 Betting Bonuses

Promo Codes

If we are talking about betting in any discipline, in the case of betting on H1Z1, it does not hurt to first worry about finding promotional codes. They can be straightforward to find, and the bonuses offered are often overwhelming. Spend a few minutes, use the Internet – get an impressive bonus to your initial deposit without risk.

Starting Bonuses

Due to the high competition level in the modern bookmaker market, starting bonuses for beginners are now especially urgent. You will almost certainly get a boost to your deposit upon registration. In addition, many H1Z1 betting websites offer a deposit match, which doubling the first deposit. Simply put, you have a real opportunity to get three hundred additional dollars by depositing three hundred real dollars into your account. Another type of starting bonus is often free bets – free bets. If you lose, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Giveaways And Promotions

Don’t ignore promotions and giveaways. It is really not easy to win in most of them, but participation is completely free. Look more often at the main page of your H1Z1 betting site – due to the high activity of competitors; you can often come across really profitable and interesting offers there. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase bonuses without risking anything.

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H1Z1 Betting Guide – Compilation

Despite the complete failure of H1Z1 as an esports discipline, an enormous group of players is still interested in the game. The servers are partially active and developing – you can continue to play H1Z1, earning achievements, and in-game items. Nobody forbids the use of skins from the game as a deposit for betting on other esports events.

Skins can also be used as a replacement for cash in all kinds of online casino modes. If you decide to take betting on H1Z1 seriously, in this case, all the strategies and techniques that have proven themselves well regardless of the particular game, will work perfectly.

The main thing to remember is that any game will live as long as it has a sufficient number of active and loyal fans. Maybe if the project ever gets out of Early Access and is completed, H1Z1 will find a second wind. And, perhaps, over time, the project may again have esports teams and even their own tournaments.

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