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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be called the discoverer of the Battle Royal genre. Although similar modes existed before the advent of PUBG, it was this game that made the format of the “royal battle” so popular. After the project was released in the spring of 2017, it literally blew up the online games market. The audience of PUBG players and spectators has become leaders in terms of numbers for several months in a row. In the wake of the hype, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournaments began with solid prizes and many top esports organizations acquired squads in this discipline.

In the world of Pubg eSports, the new discipline PUBG has recently appeared. It is based on a game in which 100 players are dumped from an airplane onto an island. Here they must not only get equipment, weapons, equipment but also stay alive. The game was released by Korean developers in 2017. Now it is popular with thousands of gamers from our country.

Due to its steadily growing success, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been included in the category of e-sports games. Currently, this discipline holds tournaments and singles in many countries. Here the best athletes can demonstrate their skills. And get decent money for it. Fans of emotions are given the opportunity to make PUBG bets with things, skins and real money.

Pubg Betting Sites

PUBG Betting Game Review

On a huge open map, 100 players are simultaneously fighting. The main goal of the game is to remain the last survivor. To do this, you can either participate in skirmishes with other players or quietly sit out in an ambush in order to hold out as long as possible. Before the start of the map, the players land on the map from the plane. Each time the plane flies along a random path above the map. Players themselves choose the moment when to jump with a parachute and were to land in the end. As soon as the participant is on the ground, the battle begins.

Loot is scattered all over the map: weapons, armor, first-aid kits, backpacks, sights, and other equipment. One of the player’s initial tasks is to find a “loot” more valuable in order to have more resources for the battle. Also in various locations, there is transport with which you can quickly move around the map. From time to time, “airdrops” – packages with valuable and rare “loot” fall on the card.

Players fight each other with a zone outside in which all participants receive significant damage. If you quickly do not get into the zone, the player dies. Therefore, everyone strives to get into a safe area as soon as possible and take a favorable position there in order to avoid meeting with other players or, on the contrary, to kill as many competitors as possible.

Every few minutes, the zone narrows and more and more players are found in smaller areas. As a result, sooner or later there will be only one survivor. In the game, you can take part alone or in “squads” (teams) of 2-4 players. If teams participate, then the game is played until the whole detachment, or at least 1 representative, remains alive. In addition, you can play with a review from the first and third parties.

The bulk of professional tournaments are held in the Squads FPP mode (teams of 4 players, first-person review). Initially, only one map was presented in the game (“Erangel”), later two more were added – “Miramar” and “Sanhok”. Which of the cards the tournament is held depends on the rules of the event and the organizer.

The mobile version of the game, PUBG Mobile, also gained great popularity. Competitions are also held on it, but bookmakers still rarely give discipline in their lines.

PUBG Esports Betting Specs

The number of Pubg betting sites is growing every day. The popularity of Pubg eSports discipline is growing exponentially. And with it, the number of bookmakers that accept on best PUBG betting site also increases. Excellent payout ratios and quality service are offered to our customers by bookmakers with a good reputation:

  • GG.BET;
  • Bet365;
  • unikan;
  • Marathon;
  • Betway.

On these sites, you can make profitable bets, watch game forecasts, team statistics and news. These offices offer their regular customers a lot of promotional offers. Every adult user can take advantage of the collaboration.

Each bookmaker provides gamers with a wide selection of Pubg eSports bets. On the Pubg betting website, these sites provide for the registration procedure. This procedure provides the opening of a personal account and replenishment of the game account. You can deposit funds to the site using MasterCard / Visa cards or WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc. electronic wallets. After that, you should select the desired tournament and make PUBG betting.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a relatively new discipline. Therefore, bookmakers offer players very few varieties of betting. In the vast majority of such offices, money can be bet on the outcome of a particular match or competition. Also on these sites there is the opportunity to bet on the comparison, total frags of popular players, to understand whether the gamer will get into the TOP. As you can see, there is not much variety here. The same refers to Pubg betting bonuses. By betting on Pubg you can also receive free bonuses, which is a very good plus.

PUBG Betting Sites

PUBG Betting Bonuses and Strategies

Discipline is one of the youngest, and therefore unpredictable. In addition, the specifics of the game are such that it is almost impossible to guess the winner. As a rule, 25 “squads” play on tournament cards at the same time and it’s simply not possible to include the victory of each bookmaker in the line. Therefore, PUBG betting resembles bets on biathlon or athletics. Bettors are offered the following events:

  • whether the squad/player will be in the TOP;
  • comparison (who will last longer on the map);
  • total frags of popular teams/players;
  • long-term betting on tournament winners, region, etc.

As you can see, there is no particular choice of markets.

The main task of the betting player is to determine whether the team or player will be able to enter the desired TOP (to remain among the survivors, for example, TOP-10 is getting into the top ten players on the map).

To do this, you need to know the current form of the main favorites of the match. This will help streams, statistics, and reviews of recent matches. There are no betting strategies for the game as such. Nobody also makes PUBG forecasts, at least from more or less well-known personalities in the community of “purgers”.

Betting items and skins in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is distributed through Steam, so cosmetic items (skins) have been added to the game. You can either buy them on the trading floor or get them randomly from boxes for in-game currency. Many skins in PUBG are of high value, which means they can be delivered. Bets with PUBG items can be divided into roulettes and the likeness of betting bets.

Roulettes allow the player to put skin and get a chance to win things at a great value. In roulette everything is random and does not depend on the results of any matches, everything is like in a casino. However, such resources on the network have a bad reputation due to a large number of scammers, twists and the absence of any control of these roulettes.

But there are special bookmakers who accept bets with PUBG skins for tournament matches. The betting process on these portals is as follows:

  • the player is registered;
  • transfers the skin to the bot/employee;
  • its value is credited to the player’s balance;
  • with this money (coins/points) bets are made;
  • in case of winning, the player withdraws skins or money.

Betting Sites on PUBG: Analytics from Experienced Players

PUBG betting odds is a game in which real people participate. Therefore, it can be calculated. Analytics help experienced gamers win very good money on the correct forecast. Using the advice of these gambling professionals, you can make a winning bet and a beginner.

Three main aspects will allow each user to make a profitable bet:

Betting on experience is recommended. Many tournament players are newcomers and newcomers. A thorough analysis will reveal a team of professional e-sportsmen from the mass of applicants.

Pay attention to the prize pool. In PUBG tournaments with modest prizes, real professionals rarely participate. Even with the participation of such teams often “merge” the game. Thus, they try to win on the “surrender.” A gamer who bet on professionals is losing his bet. Therefore, you should not take into account the experience in tournaments with a prize fund of fewer than 300 thousand dollars. Such competitions are characterized by the unpredictability of the game.

Be sure to check out the latest news. Before making a bet, you should find out as much information as possible about playing groups. Perhaps the players are not configured in the best way. And this means that they may well play at half strength. And as a result, it is trite to lose. There is similar information on social networks and on special forums. She will help to determine the winner correctly.

Gambling newcomers making bets for money should definitely get acquainted with all the nuances of the game, the best teams, winning strategies. Mastering all the methods is quite difficult in a short time. Therefore, in the initial stages, you should look at the forecasts of professionals. No need to bet on a team that has less than 80% chance of luck. It is recommended to bet on the main favorites of the match.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a young Pubg eSports discipline. However, it already has its own leaders: Tempo Storm, Ghost Gaming, method, Cloud9, Noble, FaZe, Digital, Chaos, etc. The successes of these gamers are worth a look in the coming year. Perhaps they will bring good luck and a decent win.

Popular PUBG Tournaments

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a very popular, truly royal battle. This game is loved by millions of people. Therefore, to date, many private tournaments have been organized in this discipline. Some of them even had a very decent prize pool:

  • CIS MASTER SERIES ($ 2000);
  • PGI ($ 100,000 and two slots at Grand Final);
  • Champion PlainsUnknown’s Battlegrounds in FPP mode ($ 400,000), etc.

Last year’s championship was attended by teams from around the world. A well-deserved victory in this competition was won by the OMG team from China. It was she who received $ 400,000. Her player was the best shooter in FPP mode.

He was able to make 34 frags. The rest of the prize fund was divided between the teams that took 2 – 17 places. In this tournament, not only the winners were able to earn good money. Gambling people who preferred players from China received thousands of dollars in bets.

PUBG Betting Sites

PUBG Resf Cup SQUAD # 3

In 2018, the PUBG Resf Cup SQUAD # 3 tournament was held on the territory of Russia. Its organizer was the Computer Sports Federation of Russia. Gamers from all countries over the age of 16 could take part in it. The player who took 1st place became the owner of a prize fund of 50 thousand rubles. Quite good winnings were received by users who made bets on the outcome.

At the end of 2018, the finals of the PUBG MOBILE tournament were held at the Kyiv Sports Arena. The prize fund for this event was $ 20,000. 16 teams from Europe took part in it.

Qualifying matches were held on the Erangel map. Prize points were obtained for killing players and team wins. In addition to cash rewards, the winning team also received a ticket to Dubai. And some people who bet on her victory raised more money than the winners themselves.

The new 2019 year can also be very fruitful for PUBG. One of the founders of PENTA Sports, Alexander Hugo, shared on Twitter his plans for the future. This season provides for the launch of the professional league PUBG. It will be created for gamers in Europe, China, North America, and Korea.

Currently, the operator controlling this league has not yet been appointed. However, the developers will determine it in the very near future. In the near future, the development of e-sports discipline championships for beginners. The appearance of such Pubg tournaments is planned in the next 5 years.

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