LoL 9.14 Complete Patch Notes

Prepare yourself for some massive changes in the way you play the game: LoL 9.14 patch notes bring with them a whole set of balances, counters, Quality of Life changes, and mechanic modifications to champions. In our article, we will be looking at all these updates, listing and explaining them in a tidy way so you can check immediately what the 9.14 patch notes brought to the game.

What Changes In 9.14?

The patch is pretty big and focuses specifically on champions, implementing five counters to some specific ones and balancing some others, even though it marks the first of the Teamfight Tactics patch notes, as well as changes to LoL’s Death Recap and some more. Here is how we will be structuring our review.

  1. Champions
    • Counters
      • Anti-shielding
      • Anti-healing
      • Flat Damage reduction
      • True Sight
      • Anti-mobility
    • Balances
  2. Other in-game changes (Death Recap, Allied Chat)
  3. Teamfight Tactics

LoL 9.14 league legends

Champions Changes: Counters

Anti-Shielding Champions

This new effect breaks those shields who absorb damage.

  • Blitzcrank

Static Field (R) now removes shields on targets before dealing its other effects, i.e., damage and silence.

  • Renekton

Ruthless Predator (W), when empowered with 50 Fury, destroys existing shields on enemies before the existing effects of damage and stun.

Anti-Healing Champions

The two following heroes will gain a healing reduction of 60%, higher than the rest of the healing reduction sources in the rest of the game, which all reach a maximum of 40%.

  • Katarina

Death Lotus (R) has an increased healing reduction (from 40% to 60%).

  • Kled

Bear Trap on a Whole (Q) reduces all healing given to the targets pulled by Kled, for an amount of 60% and a duration of 5 seconds.

Flat Damage Reduction Champions

The damage received by the following champions will be reduced by a certain, flat amount, rendering them especially strong against those champions who deal DoT (damage over time) and on-hit types of damage.

  • Fizz

Nimble Fighter (Passive) now passively reduces all types of damage received. Max reduction is at 50%.

  • Leona

Eclipse (W) now grants different amounts of pre-mitigation damage reduction according to her level, capping as always at 50% max reduction. In addition to this, magic resistance, as well as armor, are decreased.

Leona’s R ability, Solar Flare, no longer grants her more powerful basic attacks after casting the ability.

True Sight Champions

Some of League of Legends’ champions are now granted True Sight abilities after casting some specific abilities.

  • Karma

Focused Resolved (W) now reveals all enemies that are rooted by her for the entire duration of the root.

  • LeBlanc

Same as Karma, LeBlanc’s E ability (Ethereal Chains) gives True Sight of all foes rooted by her for the duration of the root.

  • Morgana

Soul Shackles (R) stuns enemies instead of rooting them, and now this ability too grants revealing powers of those under the effect of the stun.

Anti-Mobility Champions

To counter the high mobility of some champions, who feel very slippery and find it simple to quickly make their way in and out of combat, Riot introduces some features that make it easier for a few champions to outplay the high mobility ones.

  • Ahri

Charm (E) now cancels all dashes in-progress. Bonus damage duration is decreased from 5 to 3 seconds.

  • Cassiopeia

She can now buffer her ability casts. Her base stats have been reworked: Health, Health growth, and Mana growth have been buffed, while Mana and Armor received nerfs.

Miasma (W) no longer has a minimum cast range, and the maximum cast range has been reduced from 800 to 700; the ability’s cooldown is now increased early and decreased late.

The value of Twing Fang (E) is amped up to encourage a full rank-up; the healing is increased while the cost has been made flat. Now she heals for 75% less when targeting with poison minions and small monsters.

  • Poppy

Steadfast Presence (W) now allows her to ground and slow enemies by 25% for 2 seconds (not 2.5) whenever she stops them from dashing or casting a movement ability. The bonus movement speed granted by the W ability is increased from 30% to 35%.

League of Legends wallpaper

Champions Changes: Balances

Apart from the above-mentioned champions, some other ones have received some other balances. Instead of focusing on numbers, we will explain in a plain and simple way the most important changes.

  • AAtrox

Base health regen growth increased.

World Ender (R) no longer revives the champion. Amplified self-healing is increased, the cooldown is decreased.

  • Akali

Five Point Strike (Q)’s ratio has increased.

Twilight Shroud (W) cooldown is now flat, as well as the energy restore. The duration extension has been removed, and now the stealth type has changed from Obscurity to Invisibility.

The damage dealt with Shuriken Flip (E) has increased, the same as the cooldown from Perfect Execution (R).

  • Alistar

Base mana and mana growth increased.

  • Aurelion Sol

Starsurge (Q) maximum stun duration and radius growth/s is increased.

Now max movement speed given by Comet of Legend (E) scales with levels.

  • Bard

Base health increased, health regen decreased.

Travel speed from Magical Journey (E) is increased, and the ally bonus speed feature is now flat.

  • Diana

Fixed some ability bugs.

Crescent Strike (Q)’s arc speed is lower.

  • Galio

There is no longer a cooldown reduction granted by Galio’s passive. Cooldown and damage have been generally increased, especially in relation with Winds of War (Q).

  • Jayce

The attack damage has been decreased, while the attack damage growth has been increased to grant balance to the champion.

Modified Shock Blast (Q)’s base damage and damage ratio.

  • Jhin

Deadly Flourish (W) cooldown is lowered, and the duration of the root increased.

  • Kennen

Lower attack damage and attack speed, higher attack damage growth.

  • Lux

Light Binding (Q) cooldown has been modified, and its cost is made flat.

Prismatic Barrier (W) now grants returning shields.

Final Spark (R)’s cooldown reset has been removed.

  • Malphite

The slow granted by Seismic Shard is increased, and its slow duration decreased. The champion received various VFX and QoL updates.

  • Mordekaiser

Passive base damage is now lower.

The magic penetration of Death’s Grasp (E) has been decreased late.

  • Neeko

Attack damage and attack speed are now lower, while attack damage growth and attack speed growth are higher. The Passive no longer breaks when the champion basic attacks enemies.

  • Nidalee

Base magic damage dealt with Swipe (E) is increased.

  • Pyke

Phantom Undertow (E) now stuns non-champions as well.

Death From Below (R) now grants additional gold to Pyke.

  • Ryze

His base health regen and health regen growth increased. He received some fixes.

  • Singed

The ecast timer from Poison Trail (E) has been increased.

  • Swain

Swain’s mechanic Soul Fragments restores mana and permanently increases maximum health.

Death’s Hand (Q) now pierces through minions but no longer through killed champions.

Demonic Ascension drains all nearby enemies, and Demonflare’s damage is tied to the health drained.

  • Sylas

Damage from some abilities increased, and cast range decreased.

Abscond (E) shield now blocks all magic damage for a specific amount of time. Cooldown is flat.

The AD/AP ratio conversion from Hijack (R) is decreased.

  • Tahm Kench

The Passive damage health scaling has been increased. Now stacks can no longer be applied by abilities.

The stun granted by Tongue Lash (Q) now consumes all stacks.

Thick Skin (E) stores less Grey Health but heals for a higher percent. Its cooldown is reduced.

  • Urgot

Lower recast timer on Purge (W).

  • Yuumi

There is no longer mana restore from the Passive, which shield has been decreased.

Prowling Projectile (Q) now has lower empowered damage, and its cost is increased.

A decreasing cost is now seen on Zoomies (E).

league of legends jungle map

Other In-Game Changes

Death Recap

The new Death Recap functionality has been improved with the implementation of analytics on fights and CC duration, and damage received, expanding the details on sources of damage.

Allied Chat

It is now possible to head to the settings and mute or show your allies chat thanks to a new option, which is now separated from the possibility to mute/show all chat. You can choose to save this change permanently or until you turn it back on. It is still impossible to mute pre-and post-game chat.

Teamfight Tactics Changes

The big change worth noting about this minigame is that patch 9.14 is the first one to introduce TT notes, and it is with 9.14 that we can now play the game in ranked mode. This means that there is now a ladder for all players to climb and that the Beta Ranked season is on its way. With this patch, some changes and minor fixes have been made, such as gold and items dropping on a more consistent basis.

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